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Unregistered, You must accept the Forum Rules below to be able to use some forum functions.
Forum Rules
General Rules
These rules have been established for the benefit of the DrumChat.com community. As such, this site has certain guidelines for all users to follow. Failure to follow the guidelines set here will result in banishment.


DrumChat.com has a ZERO TOLERANCE spam policy. Spamming is the posting of topics or spam-like threads that relate to commercial selling, advertising, promotion, recruitment, or company discounts or specials. This includes attempting to push traffic to your website by repeatedly linking to it through posts or signatures. If a user spams, they will be removed from the forums. *You may NOT advertise your business in any form or fashion unless have paid to do so; this includes independent vintage drum dealers and those wishing to drive traffic to their website for affiliate click-through profit. Also, advertisements or selling through PMs, Signatures, User Names and/or Avatars are NOT allowed. It is considered spam, and will be removed.

While we allow a signature link that mildly promotes your band, we do not allow Drum Chat to be used as a vehicle to promote yourself, your individual web pages, contest pages or YouTube channels. You may post videos within Drum Chat but you may not make posts such as, "Go to my You Tube channel." or "Please vote for me" for drum competitions, etc. If we find that you're primarily here for self-promotion, you may be banned from the forum and your posts removed. DrumChat is it's own community and we wish to grow this community within itself, with our dedicated members.

Commercial Links:
With the exception of paid advertisers and DrumBum.com (sponsor), we do not allow the posting of links to any outside commercial website or promoted network. This includes any website that is selling merchandise, services or conducting marketing campaigns. We understand and appreciate that many of you like to get opinions of others on what drumset to buy and so forth so we will continue to allow product pictures but not if they contain websites or if the pictures are more like advertisements. The same rule applies to videos. If videos posted are more like advertisements, they will be deleted. It will be left up to the discretion of the moderators on what is acceptable or not. Also, do not post daily specials by music stores or other forms of discounts, coupons or promotion. Drum companies often try to get around the advertising rule by encouraging their endorser's to post in forums. If a member is actively promoting their endorsed brand in Drum Chat, they are at risk of banishment.

Selling / Trading:
Buying, selling or trading personal property is currently allowed in the BUY/SELL section only. The rules for posting in that section are posted in the first thread called "**Must Read Before Posting**. With the exception of paid advertisers and the DrumChat store, commercial enterprises and vintage sellers are not permitted to post. Posts containing inquiries regarding buying or selling in other areas of the forum will be removed. You may not link or refer to sale pages on ebay or craigslist or another website. We also discourage vintage drum discussion and links to vintage drum guides as sellers frequently use forums to mask their commercial enterprise. At the moderator's discretion, these types of posts might be removed. Anyone using this forum for commercial purpose without permission will be banned indefinitely.

Conduct / Language:
The core of DrumChat.com is about RESPECT. Please do not flame or disrespect other users. We are all here to have fun. The occasional joke or good-natured rib is fine; just don't let it get out of hand. DrumChat.com is a family-friendly forum and no swearing (including abbreviations or starred out words) or crude behavior is permitted. We ask that you also avoid topics such as drinking, drugs, adult products, guns and pornography.

The DrumChat.com forum is moderated, which means that there are so called "monitors" watching the forum at all times. If you have a question, feel free to contact any Moderator or Admin.

The forums are here for friendly discussion and the sharing of drum knowledge and experience. Please make sure that you give your thread title a meaningful name. Please post new threads in the appropriate areas and do not cross-post or double-post, instead edit when possible. We do not remove posts on request. Also, respect otherís personal property and do not post copyrighted or trademarked material. The owners of DrumChat.com will not be responsible for the posting of unauthorized content.

Posting Personal Information:
We do not advise persons under the age of 18 to post personal information about themselves. DrumChat.com will not be held responsible or accountable for the posting or collection of this information. All members are responsible for the content of their posts.

Links to Other Websites:
Our interest is in building our community at Drum Chat. As such, we ask that you please do not post links to other forums, blogs, message boards or file sharing sites. Any threads or posts with such a link will be removed by a moderator. Drum Chat will allow links to your personal website and/or your bandís website but not if we deem you are using the forum mostly for the purpose of marketing, promotion or recruitment.

"Offensive" Posts, Links or Images:
Please do not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory, or otherwise violates of any local or international laws. This includes links in your signature, profile, bookmarks as well as posted images, photos and avatars. The DrumChat.com staff will ultimately decide if something is appropriate or not.

Political, Religious or other "Hot Button" Posts/Images/Videos:
While in the past we have allowed some discussion on these matters, DrumChat.com has decided to ask its members to refrain from posting these hot button issues that can often produce negative sentiment amongst members. So, please do not post anything of a political or religious or otherwise controversial nature in the forum (for example, satanic images, cult symbols, etc). We appreciate and value everyone's diverse background but wish to help maintain the sense of community that has been built by avoiding these topics. There are other online forums dedicated to these subjects and we encourage you to visit them to discuss those issues. Moderators will close and/or delete any thread or post that they deem violates this rule.

Please do not use DrumChat to air your grievances about a particular company or party you have done business with. We understand the desire to warn others about a company but this practice leaves too much room for abuse. Please use online consumer comment boards for that purpose.

Max Signature Sizes:
All signatures must be no more than 500 characters. No offensive content is allowed. NO ADVERTISING IS ALLOWED. The DrumChat.com staff will ultimately decide if something is appropriate or not. Any sigs breaching these rules will be removed.

Max Avatar Sizes:
All avatars must be no bigger than 100x100 pixels and be no more than 64 Kilobytes in size.

Rules Subject to Change:
At any time these rules may change or be updated by the DrumChat.com staff. If so, we will post a message in the announcements forum.

Site moderators are (by user name) "Drummer" and "Pastor Bob".
Thank you for reading and observing the forum rules.
 I have read, and agree to abide by the DrumChat.com - Drummer Forum / DRUM FORUM for Drums rules.  

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