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  1. Re: Sugardaddys - Third gig report - this might be the last one.

    Sounds like said Female may have an alcohol problem. My wife is an alcoholic in recovery now but when she drank, same crap, very ugly and always looking for a confrontation, when sober nicest person...
  2. Re: Tweaked set up, getting serious , Todd Sucherman DVD's

    Well so far this has been a challenge. I own my own painting business I'm a one man show I do all the work, so after a 8 to 10 hour day of climbing, bending, kneeing and so on my joints are so sore I...
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    Re: Need help on a John Bonham set up

    Watch this video
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    Re: Click / Impact Pads: How to use them

    I use to use the same pad with wooden beaters. I also ended up duct taping it to my drum head. I ran the tap over the top, bottom and two sides of the patch making sure that the beater would not hit...
  5. Thread: Allan Holdsworth

    by NPYYZ

    Re: Allan Holdsworth

    Yeah, this one stings. R.I.P.

    Look in my eyes and you will satisfy yourself
    So many lives I can describe
    Look at the picture of the sanctifying light
    So many words...
  6. Re: Tweaked set up, getting serious , Todd Sucherman DVD's

    It's a 20" A Custom Ping ride. I'd say medium to heavy in the weight department. Nice defined stick sound, nice ping. It does not over build or get washy, Very controlled sound, great bell sound as...
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    Re: First 2 notes on Beatles "Come Together"?
  8. Re: Tweaked set up, getting serious , Todd Sucherman DVD's

    Here's the video it's up on you tube.
  9. Re: Tweaked set up, getting serious , Todd Sucherman DVD's

    I'm going to give myself another week then I'm going to start doing some Facebook live videos of my practicing.
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    Re: Another Pearl stand bites the dust !!

    I have a bit of Pearl hardware and never had any problems with it. Love their Powershifer Eliminator Pedals.
  11. Tweaked set up, getting serious , Todd Sucherman DVD's

    Hello all , so I've been seeing this drum lesson thing appear in my news feed on Facebook over the past few weeks so I decided to sign up for the free part of it. I won't name it because it probably...
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    Re: Ramble on Led Zeppelin

    I used to use a towel over the tom. Sounded like the album. I think my hand would get tired doing it that way lol
  13. Re: Good medium priced direct drive single pedal?

    I know!!!!
  14. Thread: modern functions

    by NPYYZ

    Re: modern functions

    I'd like to see a like button as well. Another forum i frequent Operation Sports has a like button. It's great for when you just want to like what some one has to say but don't really need to comment.
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    Re: Does Your Band Bring In Stage Lights?

    It's much different now but here's how we old timers did it back in the day. We hauled around a fairly sizable light show as well as a massive P.A. System. Packed it all into a 24 foot box truck. We...
  16. Thread: Any regrets?

    by NPYYZ

    Re: Any regrets?

    I have a couple, the biggest being I regret selling some of the kits I owned. Recently though I've come into possession of some old Video tape of one of the more successful bands I was in. Watching...
  17. Re: Need advice for gig that could go south quickly

    All I can tell you is what I would do in the same situation. From what I read you take this more seriously then the rest of the guys except for maybe the bass player. So that tells me they do not...
  18. Re: What are your favorite songs to play along to?

    "What happened to this song we once knew so well?
    Signed promise for moments caught within the spell
    I must have waited all my life for this moment, moment"

    Love that tune and album. I use to...
  19. Re: Good medium priced direct drive single pedal?

    I've seen new speed king pedals at my local shop some with chain drive also.
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    Re: Cracked my first cymbal

    Oh boy, I'm in trouble lol
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    Re: Open Letter To My New Band About Practice

    I think the fingers getting sore part could have been left out. I'll say this: whenever I was in a band we would discuss before hand the songs we would be learning at the next practice. I would be...
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    Re: How to Earn a Living Playing Drums

    I worked in a few different bands with female singers, it was always a huge No No for any of the male band members to get romantically involved with them, It happened once and it was a disaster , I...
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    Re: New Reso Heads --- How Often ?

    I bought my PDP X7 kit in 2011 it still has the stock reso heads on all the toms. I've been told if I replace them with a better head like an Evans G1 I'll get a better sound. When it comes time to...
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    Re: Sugardaddys - First gig report

    Nice job, we used to play that cheap Trick song, good tune.
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    Re: Old footage found 1987

    This one is a double shot. Van Halen - Why can't this be love, Brian Adams/Tina Turna - It's only love

    Nothing fancy here on the drums but a pretty darn good...
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