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    Quote Originally Posted by BackStreetDrums View Post
    Looking for some info on Vanguards....never played Sabian before (Agops/Bosphorus)...

    I understand they are not classified as 'ride', 'crash', that a 22" crash can be used as a ride. True?
    Are these the former Crescent Vanguards, remastered into the Sabian HH fold?
    Looking for some nice jazz/light playing cymbals for a small kit I am putting together, so the C/R idea is appealing
    I'm chomping at the bit to get one of these. There are three 22" Vanguard cymbals that I've been able to find. One is a thin crash, one is a ride and the other is a crash/ride. They are not cheap! I'm buying a 22" Artisan medium ride first (also expensive) so the 22" thin crash must wait a couple months.
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    If someone is looking for quality cymbals on a budget they should also look at Sabian's SR2 line I hand picked mine with my teacher and really licked them I have my hats 2 crashes and a ride. I wish I could tell what they all were but the one obvious cymbal is my ride which has obvious HH heritage.
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