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I use dual Behringer 1202FX mixers in my setup. One mixer is strictly for drum mics, the other is for guitar/bass/vocals. Keeps a clean sound going to my little TASCAM 4-track, but the output of that mixer could feed anything you want it to. The 1202FX model has 4 mic inputs and (I think) 4 additional line level inputs, so I'm running the following drum mics: kick drum, snare, and an overhead. I've been looking into those drum mic kits and will probably purchase one here eventually and experiment with the available inputs, but as it is, it already produces a very good sound from my kit. You can tweak the low, mid, and high frequencies, add FX if you desire, set the input gain for the mics, etc., quite versatile for a small mixer.

Best part of all, they're not expensive. Only about 100 bucks, brand new.
I totally agree. I got the 1204fx and love it . Having a lot of fun with it