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    Hi guys.

    I was thinking about ways I could trigger my kick.

    Do I muffle it and trigger it?
    Could I get a kick pad from an electric kit and place it in front of my BD so that way my BD's not in the recording mix, but it would be triggered with the electric kick?
    Could I use a laptop as a module instead of buying a module?
    Best BD trigger for the money?
    Where can I get a kick pad ffom the electric? Do i have to buy a whole electric kit?



    ps i do know I need to have amplification if I use the electric kick
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    I don't know about using a laptop as a module, but i'm sure there must be a way with today's advancements in software and technology. I have triggered my kick before, and sometimes prefer it over miking it. What I did was bought a remo muffl for the kick and that let me keep the head i'm used to playing, but gives a good response as well. You'll just need a bass trigger and a cable, and hook it up to your module or computer after that. If the computer for some reason doesn't have midi connect, you will be looking for something like a midi to usb cable, or a converter that has midi/usb ins or outs.
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