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Thread: Gifts for Drummers

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    Gifts for Drummers
    Brought to you by DrumBum.com, the leader in T-shirts, gifts and unique accessories for drummers (and now Gifts for All Musicians). If you need drummer gift ideas, we've got you covered! Check out our unique T-shirts, posters, keychains, and unique drum accessories.


    The drummer needs a beer! Someone buy him a beer... please! This cool t-shirt will not only turn heads, it might just get you a free drink. An awesome drummer's t-shirt with our favorite drum saying! This would make a wonderful Christmas gift idea or gift for birthday or any occasion for the drummer in your life. Drum Bum is the place for exciting and unique drumming gift suggestions.

    Drummer Gifts and Ideas


    You can't go wrong with a practical gift like drinking glasses. They don some cool looking drumsets. A wonderful idea for birthdays or Christmas.


    Want to know what to get a drummer for a gift? Visit DrumBum.com for the best drummer gifts and drumming products such as tshirts, hats, stickers, posters, keychains, mugs and more! Drum Bum is the leader in gifts for drummers and all musicians. They now sell music products for guitar, bass, piano, sax, violin and all other instruments. Need a gift idea for a musician? Drum Bum is the place. Find music jewelry, mousepads, clocks, pens, pencils, figurines and just about any other gift item you can think of. Over 2500 percussion gift ideas and music products to choose from!

    Gifts for other Occupations
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    The Best Gifts for Drummers

    Drum Bum is the place! When you need a gift idea for a friend, band member or someone in your family, we've got you covered. We coined the phrase, "Gifts for Drummers" in 1999 and are still the only shop in the world specializing in drummer-specific gift items. From T-shirts to stickers to hundreds of drum lesson DVD's, you'll find over 2500 products that align with your passion! Drum Bum is the place for gifts and gift ideas for the drummer / percussionist in your life. Aside from T-shirts and posters, you'll find unique items like drumset coasters, drum-themed wastebaskets, drummer wall hooks and even practical drum accessories for the drumkit.

    Unique gift ideas for the drummer in your life. Find cool drum accessories as well as the coolest clothing for drummers. Everything from hats to ties, belt buckles, button down shirts and more. You'll even find unique, novelty items that are hard to find elsewhere. Or maybe you just need a practical drum accessory like a cowbell or woodblock. Whatever the case, if you're looking for unique drums and percussion gifts, Drum Bum has you covered!
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    The Vic key is a wearable drum key that makes it convenient for tuning. You'll never lose your drum key because it's right there around your neck. The cool thing about this gift idea is that it also makes a nice fashion accessory for the stage.


    The Best Gifts for Drummers

    If it's drummer gifts you're looking for, Drum Bum is the place! Over 2500 items to choose from. Play along DVDs make a great gift as does a cool accessory like light up drumsticks or a decorative stick bag. What type of drums do you play? We've got brand T-shirts and hats too like Paiste, Tama, Pearl and Zildjian. Need assistance with anything drumming related? Call us at 1-800-DRUMBUM.
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    Gifts for Drummers


    A fun and affordable drummer's wallet.

    Blue flaming drums T-shirt design. Discontinued

    At Drum Bum, you'll find cool drummer things that are a bit harder to find elsewhere. Things like box fans shaped like a drumset or drums that light up so they can be used as a night light. Drum Bum even has chimes with a drum design and drumset toilet seats. Heck, they even have a trailer hitch cover in the shape of a drumset. Shop for some of the coolest, most unique designs for drummers. Start your Christmas wish list at Drum Bum. Do you need gift ideas for a drummer boyfriend or husband? Drum Bum is the place!
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    DrumBum has tons of fun drummer t-shirts just like this one. We also have t-shirts and gifts for guitar players and all other

    The Best Gifts for Drummers
    Buy gifts for the drummer in your life. DrumBum.com has the most unique drum accessories and decor for musicians. Popular items are Tshirts, stickers, hats and keychains. We also have posters, mugs, clocks and cool, hard-to-find items that are unique to our music store. Need a cool accessory for the car? We've got it. Looking for figurines or magnets for your refrigerator? We've got that too. We've even got greeting cards with drummer theme or any music theme. Learn about how to get drumbum coupon codes.
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    Gifts for Drummers


    Don't wine about the noise, embrace their passion! Do they drink wine? Then this would make a nice gift for them.


    Snare Drum Keyring. A DRUM BUM exclusive! What a cool and affordable gift idea for any drummer. Great for the marching band drummer or college drumline. Would also make a great, practical gift for your drum teacher.


    Keep Calm and Drum On! The coolest drum cap / hat for drummers!

    You'll find the unique gifts for musicians at DrumBum.com. We have chopsticks shaped like drumsticks, timpani salt and pepper shakers, drumstick napkin holders, and drumset switchplate covers. Pretty cool huh? We've got planters shaped like a drum, drumset nightlights, drummer wine holders and more. And don't forget, we carry gifts for all musicians now. You'll find the most unique gifts for guitar players, bass players, piano players and every band instrument. We've even got gifts for singers and dj's too! Stop by our new website, with new gifts we added in 2019. Wait 'til you see what we have in store for 2020!
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    Beautiful drumstick necklaces made from exotic woods. Limited supply.


    This cricket percussion piece puts the fun back in percussion. Great for kids and musical classrooms, this little insect will drum up some interesting sounds when you rub his back with a stick.


    If you're looking for the coolest gift for your significant other, check out these awesome drumsticks earrings! They are made with real drumsticks and decorated with gold, glitter and pearl flash. Whether it be for your wife, mother, girlfriend, sister or special someone, these earrings are just the right gift!

    The Best Gifts for Drummers

    If you're looking for Christmas gifts for drummers, Drum Bum is your main source. We specialize in unique gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas and any special occasion. From Tshirts to hats to harder to find music products, we've got you covered. Sometimes it can be hard to find that perfect gift for the musician in your life. It's a bit easier when everything is in one place. Drum Bum is that place! Since 1999, they are still the world's only drummer gift shop specializing in T-shirts, hats, posters, figurines and the most unique, hard to find products with a drum theme. Decorate your studio or practice room with cool drum-related knick knacks or hang your sticks on the wall with one of our stick holders.

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers
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    Gifts for Drummers

    This elegant drumset design makes a great gift idea for the drummer in your life! Whether it be for an award for drum lessons or band performance well done or just a simple gift, they can proudly display this in their home, office or drum studio.


    What a unique product for drummers. This convenient wall hook features a popular 5 piece drumset design in brilliant blue - everybody's favorite color!


    Since 1999, Drum Bum has been specializing in gifts for drummers. Still the only drummer gift shop in the world, they have a selection of over 2000 cool and unique products. From the Travis Barker skeleton drummer (well, it looks like him anyway), to the drumset hanger thingy (hang your car keys or lanyards) to wind up drummer toys that are meant more for nostaligic collecting than anything, you'll find some really cool drumming things at Drum Bum.
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    Awesome drumsticks sculpture! Aside from a gift, they also make great drum themed centerpieces for events.


    Cool little percussion noise makers for kids. Great for music classrooms, they assist in community drumming!


    Elegant drumset clock made with fine marble. There couldn't be a nice gift to show your drummer how much you appreciate them.


    The Best Gifts for Drummers

    Don't miss the drumsticks sculpture, the colorful kid's percussion toys or the drumset clock made out of quality marble. If that wasn't everything, check out the drumkey crosses for tuning drums. They double as necklaces. An awesome gift idea for the Christian drummer! At Drum Bum, you'll find the most unique and exciting products for drummers. As a novelty boutique drum store, they specialize in some of the most unique and hard-to-find drum products that not only serve practical purposes but also serve to decorate a drummer's home with style and that speaks to their #1 passion, DRUMS! You'll get lost over at Drum Bum. There are not only hundreds of pages of cool drum stuff but tons of links to free drum lessons.

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers
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    Gifts for Drummers


    Personalized, custom drumsticks are the perfect gift for any drummer. Now kids can get their very own personalized drumsticks engraved with their name on them!


    Percussion clatter toy. A colorful and well made percussion toy for children.


    Are they into metal drumming. Here's an awesome metal drumming DVD from one of the most technical and well-known metal drummers on the scene.


    Kid's drums and drumsets, kids percussion toys and even engraved drumsticks. These are all things you'll find at Drum Bum. Since 1999, they've been serving up some of the coolest and most unique drum accessories for drummers. If you're looking for drummer gift items, you've found the right place. Find a gift for drummer boyfriend, girlfriend, or father who might just be a veteran drummer. When you need to know what to get a drummer for a gift, check out the Drum Bum store for literally hundreds of ideas.
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    Gifts for Drummers


    Tama Drums T-shirt - Creature


    It's all about the gear. Get your favorite drummer this unique tumbler with the popular drum gear logo!


    Trash cans for drummers! Need a wastebasket with a drum theme for your studio or living area? This is it!


    If you're looking for a birthday gift for a drummer or perhaps a Christmas gift if it's that time of year, look no further than DrumBum.com. We've got everything from funny gifts for drummers to unique drummer merchandise that is a little harder to find. From posters to keychains to t-shirts and clothing and home decor, Drum Bum's got it all.

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers
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    Cool drum necklaces. This one... Stick it with Jesus saying. Visit DrumBum.com for more Jesus themed gifts.


    Exotic percussion like this colorful tamborine drum made in South America.


    Make your own drumsticks! But you'll need some glue and a lot of patience! LOL


    Drummers know about Monkey Butt! Now you can have some relief with the infamous Monkey Butt powder! If you're looking for drummers gift ideas, practical drummer accessories that help them on the job are always a good choice. Whether it's books or dvds for drummer music or stickers for their cases, you'll find tons of gifts for drummers and percussionists at Drum Bum.

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers
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    Gifts for Drummers



    Awesome mic holders for drums. Whether you need to mic the snare, toms or your congas, these mic holders will do the trick!

    There is no other shop like Drum Bum in the world. We have over 2500 unique drummer gift items from the coolest drum T-shirts to the oddest little drum novelties. You'll also find hundreds of drum lesson books and dvds. When you shop at Drum Bum, you help with the costs of running such a large forum like Drum Chat. We appreciate your support and your patronage.
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    Default Re: Gifts for Drummers

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    Drum Bum was the first store to ever specialize in Drummer Gifts. They started with only 6 T-shirts, 2 hats and a sticker in 1999. Today, they have almost 3000 products. You'll find some really cool stuff that make great gift ideas like drummer clothing, Zildjian clocks, jewelry and even stuff for the car like license plate frames and air fresheners. You'll find stationery items like notepads, pens and pencils as well as cool drumset greeting cards and even Christmas cards with a drum theme.
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    Gifts for Drummers

    The iDrum Drummer T-shirt is one of our favorites. One of our many products for drummers.

    The Kickport has been one of the most popular products of the last few years. It's taken the
    drum world by storm and fundamentally changed many drummer's kit set ups.

    Neil Peart baby! Should we say more?

    The grombal is amazing. Probably one of the drum industry's best kept secret. If you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out!
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    Default Re: Gifts for Drummers





    If it's a drummer product you're looking for that would make a good gift idea, Drum Bum has what you're looking for. Where else would you find a night light with a drumset design or drumstick mixing spoons? Drum Bum has been the leader in drummer gifts for 14 years. Search our huge database for some of the coolest and most unique drum products in the world.

    The Best Gifts for Drummers

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers
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    Got drums? How about gift ideas? Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, wedding or special event, Drum Bum has something unique for everyone. Kid's percussion? We've got that. Drummer books and dvds? We've got that. Decorations for the home? Yup, we've got that too! You'll find posters, keychains, mugs, picture frames, keychains and just about everything you can think of with a drum or drumset on it. We've even got conga jewelry and hand percussion gifts for the hand percussionists out there.
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    Gifts for Drummers


    The notorious Drumset Clock. This babys' been around for decades. Ask your dad's dad if he didn't get one as a gift, lol. If he played drums that is. Well, it's been around a long time for a reason. It's just the coolest little gift and perfect for birthdays or as a unique Christmas gift. Somewhat fragile, this drums clock is highly detailed and doubles as an alarm clock.


    Pearl drums are legendary. They are one of the most popular drum brands and just about every 4th drummer owns a set of pearl drums. Buy this cool pen with the Pearl drums logo. Inexpensive and affordable, it would make a great gift idea for Pearl drums lover in your life.



    More Drum T-shirts and Accessories

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers
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    Drum Bum Coozie


    Drums Blanket


    Keep Calm Drum T-shirt


    Keep Calm T-shirts are all the rave. Trendy and hot, you can't go wrong with this "Keep Calm and Drum On" Drummer's T-shirt. DrumBum.com is the place to find cool gifts for drummers. Beginning drummers to advanced, more experienced, veteran drummers, you'll find something for everybody. Drum Bum specializes in not only general music gifts for all musicians but specifically drummer related gifts for birthdays, Christmas and all occasions. They've even got personalized drummer gifts where the recipient's name can be inscribed or imprinted on the item.

    The Best Gifts for Drummers
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    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Gifts for Drummers

    Zildjian Classic Patch Beanie


    Beanie hats are great and they're in style. Whether you just want to cover up a bald spot or keep your head warm for those cold, Winter nights, a soft cotton beanie will do the trick. When it's got your favorite drum or cymbal brand embroidered on it, it's even better!

    Personalized Custom Drumsticks


    Visit DrumBum.com for drummer gifts for boyfriend, dad, nephew or cousin. If they play the drums, you'll be excited to learn what Drum Bum has to offer. Beautiful percussion products like stickers, hats, T-shirts, posters and more. You'll find the perfect gift for a drummer at Drum Bum.
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Drums Lamp


    Nothing like a cool, vintage drum look for the new lamp to go in your bedroom or studio. This would make a great present for any drummer whether or not they like vintage drums. This cool design just stands out and sets the tone for your favorite sport - drumming!

    Drumstick Display Case


    If you caught that drumstick at the concert or have your very own, special drumstick that you don't play with because it has sentimental value, we've got a cool, protective case to put it in. You can put it on a shelf in your studio, practice room or den to show off to your friends and visitors.

    Need Christmas Gift Ideas for Drummers? DrumBum.com is the place!
    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Gifts for Drummers

    Awesome Drumstick Necklace


    Hardware Sleeves for Gear


    Drumset Hidden Treasure Box


    Drum Bum is the only gift shop in the world that specializes in unique, novelty gift ideas or drummers. We have the largest selection of the coolest things you'll find anywhere relating to drums and percussion. Whether it be a cool necklace with flaming drumsticks, sleeves to protect your drum hardware or a cool treasure box in the shape of a drumset, you'll find something unique and different as a gift idea for the drummer in your life.

    Gift Ideas for Everyone

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    Snowman Garden Flag


    Drumset Page Markers


    Percussion Kit by LP - Mike Portnoy


    From a garden snowman flag playing the drums to page markers with brilliant drum and drumset designs, Drum Bum has wonderfully unique ideas for birthday's, Christmas or any occasion. We've even got drum accessories for the drumset like the above percussion kit by Latin Percussion (LP). This kit features the rock ridge rider cowbell, tambourine and assembly attachment. Hope you're enjoying the pictures of drum products for gift giving. We've got lots more that we'll be adding so stay tuned.

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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    Gifts for Drummers

    Snare Drum Mirror Keychain


    Gem-filled Drumset Necklace


    From a cool mirrored snare drum keychain to the coolest and most unique stick bag for drummers on the market, the Lexdray, Drum Bum offers up cool birthday and Christmas gift ideas for drummers. You'll find over 2000 unique products, perfect for drummer gifts and many of which you'll only find at Drum Bum. Click through and search the store. You''re going to love the selection.

    The Best Gifts for Drummers

    Drum Bum: Gifts for Drummers

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