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    Happy BDay Drumbledore. When I was 42, someone asked me my age and I replied 21. They said yeah, more like 21 twice!...That made me feel old..LOL
    Funny thing was that a last year I went with the folks to a social function (these guys never slow I know where I get my energy from!).....anyway, bunch of us sitting at the table, I'm talking to this young chick and her folks on my right, she's like looking at me and then asked "How old are you?".....I told her to guess.....she said probably 26...told her to keep guessing, so she's going up the ages....27,28,29....I'm still shaking my head saying no. Finally she got it, and just then my Dad walked up to the table. I told her "Ok, this is'll never guess how old he is!"

    She nearly fell over when she got told he was 80. Dad looks more like he's in his mid-60's.
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    HAPPY BELATED DD. Hope it was a great day for you.

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