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    Default My new band- this time for sure!

    Classic rock stuff, recorded in our "studio"-a public storage 12x12 room, using 2 condensers hung from the ceiling, into a tube pre amp, into a compressor, then into a headphone amp. drums are not thru the pa, everything else is.
    Mapex orions, all original heads, Pearl Jimmi DeGrasso hammered brass snare, 6x14, 1 piece of moongel, everything open wide, towel inside kick, barely touching the heads...yay! (except for those overly crispy cymbals!)
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    Default Re: My new band

    where is it?

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    Default Re: My new band

    It says it was removed by the user?
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    I'm listening to your song as I'm typing ...
    Can I just say....

    EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IN THE POCKET, MAN!!!

    Methinks that snare is a piece of work and I'd like one too.

    Ok that settles it. Never mind Meridian - I'm buying Orions!!!!!

    I'm a huge fan of Classic Rock so really appreciating this band. Ok give me all the details right now - is there an album in the pipeline, do you have a site already, etc. etc.

    Baie dankie / Thank you very much

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    As always great sound great drumming. Oh wait its so Funky lol

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    Awesome! Drums sound great.
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