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Thread: **OFFICIAL best drum kit all budgets discussion**

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    Quote Originally Posted by kay-gee View Post
    In the end a drum is a drum is a drum!

    It is a very simple instrument and has far less variables than say an electric guitar. On an electric guitar the following influence the sound...wood, nut, tuners, fret (height width) The bridge and saddles, overall weight, pick-ups, the electronics and wiring, and the strings. A drum is a head attached to a hollow cylinder that you bang on. It gives only one sound. The most scientific part of a drum is the bearing edge probably.

    Drums like guitars, cars etc... is really all about marketing. If your particular idol uses a certain brand, chances are you will gravitate to that. I think the differences between entry, mid, and high are more to do with features and choices. I have heard good and bad sounds from drums all over the spectrum. I believe it has more to do with the individuals who own them than the drums. Just my two cents!!

    all the best...

    all the best...
    I respectfully disagree. Everything that goes onto the "wood cylinder" will affect how it sounds. For example, a die-cast hoop will allow a drum to be more resonant and have less over-tones and a broader dynamic range than a thinner steel flange hoop. The size, shape and material (cheap alloys and metals vs higher grade metals) of the lugs and tension lugs will affect the tone and resonance of a drum and the list can go on for hardware. The type of head will have a big part in the sound and resonance and sustain and tone, just like different strings on a guitar have have an affect on the sound. The wood has a tremendous affect on the sound. The wood is what makes up the majority of the sound (tone, resonance, projection, sustain, attack) just like your guitar. And the bearing edges on a drum affect the sound as well. 30 degree vs 45 degree. The thickness and type of wood play a very important roll too. So there are many variables in a drum to partially quote you, "...the following influence the sound...wood,...(height width) overall weight..." all have the same influence in the sound of a drum. Read up on it some time.

    One could very easily say a guitar is simply a shaped piece of wood with strings attached to it stretched tightly over some magnets. A simple concept with little "scientific" properties. Would this be an accurate statement?

    Also the differences between entry, mid and pro can be seen and heard in the wood and hardware and in the craftsmanship, no question.

    Are there more parts, smaller parts in one guitar verses one drum? Probably. Does that mean there is less design, engineering and craftsmanship in a drum? Absolutely not!!
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    My first kit was a Mapex Mars, circa 1990s. I tried like heck to replace it thinking it was inferior. I bought a new Mapex HZB the sound was thin and tinny. Returned it. Then, found a Pearl Forum, sounded O.K. hardware was decent but the sound was not as good compared to the old Mapex. After that, I got a brand new PDP X7 maple series and thought that would defeat the Mapex. It DID sound good but, and maybe I drum too hard (is there such a thing?), the toms would loosen and move around on me. I was literally getting toms knocking each other! The X7 also does not have larger drum sizes - sooo, again the Mapex sound could not be beat! Here we go again! I bought another Pearl Export series this time. Sound was O.K. hardware was good but again I missed the thunder from the toms, especially the floor tom on the Mapex.

    I have set up and torn down the Mapex so many times. Prepared it for sale and then cancelled the ad and took the others back.

    Moral of the story, lessor CAN BE BETTER!
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