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Thread: The Battle of Midway!

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    Been a minute since i been on here. over the past year or so we've obtained a new singer, wrote some new songs, played a crap ton of shows, were smack dab in the middle of preproduction right now, gettin ready to record over in the bay with Juan Ortega at Trident Studios (Ted Nugent, Cattle Decapitation, Night Ranger, Machine Head)

    Heres a track called Calm of Eye. No vocals unfortunately. And yes, drums are programmed..BOO!! But i cant afford to get into a decent studio to have them recorded the way i would like, this way is cheap and very efficient! This drums are exactly what i play. Check it out, if you like it you can check out some more of our stuff over at
    Thanks for checkin it out!
    12x5 Pork Pie Lil Squeeler Snare
    Ddrum Reflex
    22x20 kick
    10x7 rack tom
    12x8 rack tom
    16x14 floor tom

    14" Sabian B8 Hi Hats
    17" Alpha Metal Crash
    19" Alpha Metal Crash
    20" B8 Ride

    Pearl Powershifter Eliminator Double Pedal w/red offset cam

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    if your in the sac area and like metal, check these guys out.

    kc it was good to see you at our last show brother, thanks for your support.

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    Sounds good man.

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