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    This is a psychedelic freakout jam from one week ago+

    Something magical happened: my good friends The Swamp Kings put me, and some really big boys on this bill. I learned so much on every level.

    This is one of audio tracks I caught & made a vid of still pictures of the characters involved. Personally, this is the drumming summit for me even w/ the mistakes. For a day or two afterward, I wondered if I should quit.

    Thanks for your ear!!

    PS: the kit is Connor McRae's, drummer of The Swamp Kings --- snare, h/hat, 2 cymbals, one FT -- not even a cowbell, he kept us honest that night. A custom Ellis, smaller kick, I think 20"
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    Pretty cool stuff Dna, and I thought you held up your part just fine!
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    Default Re: Donna (Dna)

    Good music Donna.

    I'm glad you are here.

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    Default Re: Donna (Dna)

    Good job Donna... and welcome to Drum Chat!
    - Tom

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    Default Re: Donna (Dna)

    I'm glad I'm here, too. Thanks, you guys!
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