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Thread: Nice to know we get appreciated by our a free ELP compiliation!

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    Default Nice to know we get appreciated by our a free ELP compiliation!

    Well, a short number of lessons back I've introduced yet another one of my girl students to double-kick playing, which certainly puts a smile on her face, as well as mine teaching her and getting her started on the basics. Her dad and I in fact got her her first double pedal a couple of weeks ago (at a good price, a Linko one for $70 second-hand with nary a spot of corrosion or rust on it, I just had to clean dust off some parts and give it a once over). Well, as we go through lessons, I also try to give a little bit of information about all the great players of our instrument, the well known and the obscure....they'll get some handouts copied from drum mags, books or even a list of Youtube links to go and absorb. Amongst them, Beck got introduced to the great drumming of Carl Palner from ELP and Asia.....showed her a few videos of the guy in action and she and her dad were pretty knocked out about how on top of his form Carl still is. So in gratitude for what I put into Beck's lessons (she's such a regular attendee....hey, for what I put into in each and every student's lesson, how could she not want to attend?), Brett burned me a copy of "The Essential Emerson Lake & Palmer" for me to have. Thanks guys!

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    Default Re: Nice to know we get appreciated by our a free ELP compiliation!

    What a nice gesture on their part and what a great band they were. I was into them back in the early 70's and kind of forgot about them, but you know you stirred my interest again. I still have a vinyl or two somewhere.

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