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Thread: Anatolian Cymbals for hard styles

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    Cool Anatolian Cymbals for hard styles

    Hi guyz,

    i would like to ask, which cymbals do you think for the heavy style of rock and metal are? I please people, which have experience with'em to write here. I'm gonna buy these brand cuz, my friend from music shop can give me big discount. I want to buy these types:

    14 hihat ..................... my oponion are kappadokkia
    18 crash .................... some cymbal which will cut through all the other instr.
    19/20 crash/ride .......... with dark/dry tones and also heavy undertones, loud
    18 china ..................... trashy china and also cut the music, short/med sustain

    I am grateful for any oponion and tip. Thanks

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    Default Re: Anatolian Cymbals for hard styles

    You might want to check their website or youtube to hear some. I personally know nothing about this brand so that is what I'd do...

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    Default Re: Anatolian Cymbals for hard styles

    Anatolian cymbals, are handcrafted in Istanbul..Good cymbals, but most of their series are geared, as most Turkish pies are, lighter jazz genres of music.

    That is not to say, not suitable for rock, but metal may be stretching it. Turkish cymbals are not designed for 'projection' usually, but soft rock, jazz, fusion, contemporary styles are where they are more at home

    I play Bosphorus exclusively, and would never consider anything else.

    Turkish cymbals need to be experienced.

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