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    It is cheap in price, but not in quality. Its very sturdy and plays well. The Steel Piccolo stays in tune for quite a while and the default hardware(snares, lugs) are all just fine. Its got a nice ring that decays rather quickly, but its just right for that tight rock or funk sound. I can easily compare the sound to Chris Adlers snare drum sound in "Set to Fail" by Lamb of God.

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    I had one and it was built great for the price but got tired of the no body sound quickly and sold it, in fact I got rid of all my snares shallower than 6.5". If you like the sound then its a great snare.

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    Yeah, i know what you mean, but you know: we all have our preferences. I know that its definetely not going to be my "forever snare" though. I'm thinkin of saving for a black panther set. or maybe just the snare.

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