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Thread: More 80's Nostalgia: ABC's "Poison Arrow"...E-Drum Cover.

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    Default More 80's Nostalgia: ABC's "Poison Arrow"...E-Drum Cover.

    Drum least my take on it. Taking in consideration that on the actual song there are overdubs such as electronic hand claps, Simmons electronic toms and a heavily processed snare in certain spots on top of the rest of the kit....well, you be the judge. A good example of why I like having two sets of hi-hats and other things on acoustic sets as well.


    Still has a few things to be worked on, sound-wise and so on. And I need to sharpen it up in a couple of spots here and there (well, heard the song a lot over the years, but Monday a couple of days ago was really the first day I actually sat down behind a kit with it, and had the chance to pull the song apart, learn the groove and kit fills, the overdubbed electronic effects parts....the hand clap part that's played on the Roland BT-1 pad next to the secondary hi-hat on my right, for example....and then put them together as one unit. This phone recording was a third or fourth warts-n-all take done yesterday, the next day.)

    I was pleased that the Roland and Alesis snare pads, run through the Octapad on my left, can produce some okay results with the Octapad's onboard reverb and chorus effects...time spent manipulating synth sounds seem to rub off into tweaking e-drum sounds and vice-versa. Whatever the case, was a bunch of fun to play!
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    Default Re: More 80's Nostalgia: ABC's "Poison Arrow"...E-Drum Cover.

    As you said the sound quality does not do your drumming proper justice. You did a nice job though with the song and I really enjoyed listening even with the poor sound. I used to like ABC (and other new wave groups - remember that term?) especially their tune "The Look of Love".

    Nice cover dude!


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