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    Hey everyone! Thanks for accepting me to the forum!
    Could you please check out my latest drum cover and tell me what you think about it? Feel free to share it if you do, it really helps a lot!

    In this video, I'm using my KAT Percussion KT3 with my custom user kit. I use Vic Firth 5B sticks, Gibraltar Intruder double bass drum pedals, Gibraltar stick holder and the awesome KAT Percussion headphones.

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    Awesome cover man! I love the look of that electric set. The stick tricks fit well into the song too!

    Also just a curiosity, are you that kid in the Drumerica video?
    Happy Drumming!


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    Well done. Thanks for sharing

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    Nice job. At this point, I'd suggest that the time you spend working on showmanship would be better spent working on technique. You seem like you're rather good for your age so I thought I'd lend a little friendly advice.
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