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    I take drum lessons every friday. The practice space is a tiny room with 2 drum kits with mutes. I've never played the drums without hearing protection. So tonight, I find out that I have a substitute instructor for a few weeks. When I got in the room, I saw there were no mutes. He began to play me a samba pattern on the snare. With every hit, my head pounded. After about 5 minutes, I had a terrible headache. And when he hit the crash!...Either the instructors hearing was shot, or he just got used to it. Another reminder to always wear hearing protection!
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    In the drum center that I frequent, it is not uncommon for them to give lessons without hearing protection and the rooms are probably as small as you describe. However, the drums sound like they are heavily muffled. I believe that it is the responsibility of the student to bring hearing protection if they desire it.
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    The band I'm working with has a main drum room and a separate isolation booth for recording. When we practice as a group, we cram four guys into the main drum room. Rule of thumb at practice is to keep the volume down low enough so we can hear all four vocal harmonies coming out of one floor wedge. This forces the entire band to play at a low balanced level and it's great practice for small venue gigs where we're told to "keep it down".

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    Should always carry you own hearing protection.Years ago we dint know better today so much out there to use. There is no excuse. Nuff said
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