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Thread: tunebot vs drumdial

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    Quote Originally Posted by crispycritters View Post
    An alternative reply to that question is "No, but if you hum it I can play it"
    lol... awesome!
    - Tom

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    Quote Originally Posted by drummer View Post
    You may find this hard to believe Rick but I've experienced both. The first was an artist gig where the road manager would stand in front of the band with a metronome in his hand (he was an a-hole). The latter was a guy, fellow drummer, that came up to me on a jazz gig and said, (and I've probably told this story before), "Do you know there's a wrinkle in your kick drum?" I said, "Yea, how does it sound?" and he replied, "Oh, it sounds great but..." I said, OK then I don't have any problem with it." He seemed discontent with my answer. He didn't know this but I spent a great deal of time tuning it before the show and the only way I could get a good kick sound for that room was to leave some of the wrinkle in there.

    Tom, nothing that happens to musicians, especially drummers surprises me. I just need to know if I need a HazMat suit, a space suit, or a rather large distance between me and the other drummer.

    The guy with metronome in hand would have left with it in a different location where he could have timed his............................................... .................................................. .......well, I think you can figure that 1 out.

    Other drummers opinions I just took with the proverbial grain of salt.

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    they are helpful when recording under extremely sensitive mics and when being ocd

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