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    Quote Originally Posted by late8 View Post
    The K Constantinople's finish looks like pure gold to me

    That picture of the K Con you posted really DOES look like Gold! I wish MY K Con Ride cymbal looked even CLOSE to that beautiful! Now, mind you, it SOUNDS fantastic, but looks-wise, it's nothing like the image that you posted. I don't know if that's just individual cymbals being different, or if it's Zildjian doing something cool for photos. Whatever they did to that cymbal, though, I'd like mine like that!!!!
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    ...after reading through this thread and watching perhaps every single video of it on youtube, I just ordered myself a 22" medium Con.! I very recently picked up a 22" Kerope as well and I think these two cymbals together are going to be absolutely superb for my bluesy-jazzy-pop trio!
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