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    My Latest Video, Some Big Band Style Music.
    I'm definitely gravitating towards this style of playing.

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    Nice chops.
    Drumming is the best psychiatry.

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    I agree, you do have the chops for the big band style.
    Keep on drumming and have fun doing it.

    5pc Pearl MCX Chestnut Fade 12x9, 13x10, 16x16, 18x22 14x6.5 matching snare
    Pearl Sensitone 14x5.5 steel alloy snare
    Vintage Slingerland " Festival" steel snare 14x5
    Zildjian A's (avendis) Vintage 70's era
    17 med thin crash, 14 new beat hhts and 21 sweet crash/ride
    Zildjian K 18 med thin crash
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    Pearl Eliminator single chain drive

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    I played 2 semesters in a improvisational jazz band in college. Loved it.

    I like R&R, it was my $$$$. I love jazz even though I never made a dime from it.

    I doubt if anyone could find 10 seconds of anything that resembled R&R in any of my videos.

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