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    Guys, I'm kinda freaked out. My right wrist hurts while drumming lately, particularly if it's a more intense song. I've been playing for about 9 months and it's just begun. Never had wrist pain while playing in the snare line, but I was also much younger then... Choking up on the stick a little more seems to help a bit. It doesn't strike me as something carpal numbness or tingling. Just a sore, painful feeling. At one point it was on the side opposite from the thumb, and then lately it's toward the thumb side of the wrist instead.

    HELP!! I brought it up to my teacher, but it doesn't tend to hurt during lessons, I think because there we're often doing more instruction time and less continuous playing. Anyone deal with this and figure out what was causing it?

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    I would definitely go to a doctor if I was you, especially if it's been happening for a while. You never know if they'll find something and the sooner you, the more likely it is they can fix it, if there is something wrong. My dad recently fell off of a bunk bed and hurt his shoulder but didn't go to a doctor for months. We finally convinced him to go and now he needs to get surgery that wouldn't have been as major if he had gone earlier. I don't want to scare you, but your safety is important. I hope everything turns out well!
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