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So we have our "closing" song for our set list.

DW, this is a true story. 1 of the 1st bands I was in when I got out of the USAF was playing our 1st gig. When it came down to the last song of the night, the lead guitar/singer came over to me and our bass player and asked what we should close with. We told him to just pick something as the gig went great so the last song wasn't going to make us or break us.

While we are waiting for him to decide, he walks up to the mic and, so help me, this is true, he starts singing M-I-C---K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, and proceeds to play the Mickey Mouse Club Theme and people start singing it with him. I'm sitting behind my drums semi stunned at this, but it turned out fine.

After the gig, we went for breakfast at this diner and there are a lot of people in line outside waiting to get in. Some of the people recognize us and let us get to the front of the line. We get a table and, out of the back, we hear M-I-C---K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, and within a minute or so, everyone in the diner is singing the Mickey Mouse Club Theme. That was about '71 and it's a night I'll never forget.