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Thread: Video of Spalted Birch kit

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    Finally did a download of this kit in my drum room. Had them in the studio but I left the band and have not gotten a copy of the finished product. There are no drum close mics, just a Zoom Q4 camera over my left shoulder.

    Again the kit was built from a freshly felled birch tree, wood sat outside in log form for over a year, then was milled and dried for 2 more years. 10X8 12X8 15X9 and 24X16
    Snare is my NOS Radio King shell custom build.
    click to see my kit re-veneer/finish

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    Now THATS what Birch should sound like. Makes me want to go out and cut down the big Walnut tree in my back yard. The kick really sounds good...perfect with that head. Awesome job

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    Play the SONG......not the DRUMS!!!

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    Great sounding kit!
    Drumming noob
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    Great looking and sounding drums man. Thanks for sharing.
    Keep on drumming and have fun doing it.

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    Default Re: Video of Spalted Birch kit

    wow what a nice tone man!
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