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Thread: Improving the Sound on the Practice Set

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    At the house where my band has all practice sessions, the guitarist-owner has a set of cheapy entry-level Yamaha shells and a few cymbals.
    I'm glad to have them there so I don't need to lug my drums around all the time -- I usually just supplement with a couple of my cymbals.

    I decided to tame the beast a little and improve the sound by switching the (old) clear Emps to coated Super 2s and the resos to Aquarian Classic Clears.
    The result is I got less attack and lower volume, which is a good improvement considering the room we work in.
    But I still have the weak/thin tone of the shells -- not what I had hoped for, but also not a complete surprise either.
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    You should clearly ask him to purchase an upgrade!
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