I bought this set (2012) as a 7-pc. double-bass shell pack:
Rack toms = 10 & 12
Floor toms = 14 & 16
Basses (2) = 18X22
Matching snare = 6.5X14

Shells are 2 plies of birch over 2 plies of maple over two plies of birch with the natural birch gloss finish.
Smoky chrome hardware and mini-keystone lugs.
I replaced the stock batter heads with Remo coated Emps on the toms and PS4 on the basses.
These drums have never gigged and never been out of a climate-controlled environment...................flawless and like new.

I am willing to sell the total shell pack as a DB set or split it up as follows:

10 -- 14 -- 22 -- snare optional..............and,
12 -- 16 -- 22 -- snare optional.

I will sell for 50% of my investment or give them to the church as a write-off.
You ship..............Let me know of ant interest.

Epic Set-Up 002.jpg

Epic Set-Up 004.jpg