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Thread: the signature gear thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by -bongos- View Post
    I love that DeGrasso snare. I’ve been close to pulling the trigger on one a few times.

    As for the thread, I guess I don’t have a problem with signature gear as long as the price is in line. I think Sabian does a good job with this. The 22 inch paragon ride doesn’t cost any more than a 22 inch ride of a comparable series. I guess if you like the cymbals or snare, or whatever the item is, it’s worth it.
    Yeah Sabian does a good job with that except for the max stax. The 10” is $300
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    Hmm...paying extra $$$ just for a name. Like "DW"?
    Just joking. But seriously, I've always shied away from signature models of anything. In the case of the AVH snare, I think there is something added there. They are limited production with a unique hand made finish, special plated lugs, hoops, etc.. They are definitely not just a typical production snare with a special badge. They may not sound any different, but they are definitely a well designed limited edition with desirable aesthetics. What's even cooler is that they are an exact replica of a real world custom design that's used by an iconic drummer. Plus, they have a matching hard case. It's more than just a special badge riveted on an assembly line snare. Ludwig could leave off the AVH badge and they would still be unique and desirable. I guess it all depends on their cost

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    i like the way that drum looks.. there is a wood shell AVH sig snare out too but like you said it looks like they just added a VH badge to it. I think it was Rosewood ?

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