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    Wanted to get some ideas flowing from you tub slappers ( term of endearment ) on an uncertain topic, for me it's uncertain anyway. We see more and more motion capture technology in athletics and I was wondering about the same kind of deal in learning drums. For instance, if Buddy Rich had the best overall technique, and I'm not saying he did, if it was captured on a 3D motion capture system what's your thoughts on using it to teach beginners, or using it for your own personal data system to compare to what "better" players are doing biomechanically? Would learning be accelerated?

    Personally, I think there are too many nuances involved, so many nuances that playing couldn't be TOTALLY captured in a kinematic sense by any device, and that we mostly learn by pulling the correct sound out of the drum. I don't think it possible to capture on a computer a graph showing the small finger movements controlling bounce at hyper speed, and even if it could, what good would it do for a beginner. As you can tell, many questions here. Thoughts in the New Year?
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    Sounds to me like the quickest way to really screw up a beginner...or anyone else for that matter...unless they are already at such a level that things like that are all they have left to worry about. Biomechanics are almost inconsequential compared to creativity, timing, feel and taste. Perfecting a golf swing to get that last 5yrds out of a drive; then yes. To me, it would be like teaching a poet how to hold his pen in order to physically write words faster.

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    For me, drumming involves the movement of the entire body, not just the shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, legs and feet and to map out that movement bio-mechanically as a learning tool to improve ones technique would make my learning curve too steep. How can you map out "feel"? How many times as drummers have we heard the phrase "just feel it"?

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    Interesting. Music is an art form. Does that mean the the technical side should be completely ignored?

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    Good points tubbies. I don't think the technical side can be completely ignored since we have to eventually dip our hands into the technical side when beginning to learn beyond simply banging spoons, or pencils, on a table, but even tapping our fingers, or anything back in the day, we were learning. I just think for a beginner much more than learning their way around practice pad basics by strapping devices on them goes beyond what's needed. To some extent the sound creates the technique instead of the technique creates the sound, although both are true. The question reminds me of the Rocky movie series, Rocky used old school techniques, almost as an art form, to train and his Russian opponent used high tech science.

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    wow this is beyond crazy! That's a lot of thinking involved, to much thinking for me.
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    I used to be stubborn about new technology but I've lived long enough to witness it's contribution to the overall art form in many different ways. But yea, I would agree that too much of that early on could be a detriment. This is advanced stuff that should be worked in only at the appropriate time.

    Thanks for sharing 10lug!
    - Tom

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