Rogers XP8s as they looked - dirty and needing help.

Bought these in 1979 or 80. I haven't played in years because I've been playing bass, acoustic guitar, and singing in a bar band. They've been sitting in my basement. Desparately in need of cleaning.
  1. 14 x 24 Bass Drum.
  2. 6 1/2 x 14 Dynasonic
  3. Original Rogers batter head on Bass Drum
  4. Original Rogers snare head
  5. Years ago, probably 20, I put Remo Weather King Pinstripes on the batter side of all the toms and moved the original Rogers white dots to the bottoms.
  6. IMG00222
  7. IMG00223
  8. Bass drum "R" in upside down on the drum.  It was like that when I bought it. The music store probably got it cheaper and I never cared that much...
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