Misc. pics

Just pics of me, my drums, my band, etc...
  1. Our very first gig. I was playing my Roland TD-8 electronic kit.
  2. Playing a Gretsch Catalina birch in the studio.
  3. for you guitarists out there, yes, that is THE legendary Gretsch White Falcon.
  4. I've always liked this pic. Amy is just wailing!
  5. my new custom snare. Ain't she a beauty!
  6. playing at the fair last year
  7. got a chance to try out a Yamaha custom kit on stage
  8. me and my babies
  9. me and my Pearls. They've evolved a bit since then...
  10. a gig we did a while ago...
  11. Our guitarist and bass player hammin' it up
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