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2006 Moorebank Carols
(Not Mine: Pearl Hi-Hat Stand, Sabian 14" AA El Sabor Hats, Pearl Boom Stand)

well...I haven't put up an official kit set up list yet...because my set-up changes every now and here goes!

This is the breakdown of the set-up that night:

1.) Sabian 14" AA El Sabor Hats (shame this was just a loan...but it's one of my favorite Hats so far!)
2.) 9" Paiste Signature Splash
3.) 16" HHX Evolution Crash
4.) 15" K Dark Crash
5.) 18" Istanbul Traditional Dark Crash (my crash/ride)
6.) 10" Istanbul Agop/Mehmet (pre-split) splash
7.) Mapex Single Chain Drive Pedal (With Base Plate)
8.) Snare: 10-ply Maple Piccolo Snare (3 1/2 inch deep lacquerd Keller Shell with Ludwig Hardware), Ambassadors on the top (coated) and bottom (clear)
9.) 10", 12, and 14" Premier XPK Toms - Evans G2 clear on batter, Premier clear stock resonant
head (one-ply)
10.) 20" Premier XPK Kick - EMAD Batter (the wider diameter muffler has been stuck on
there)...and an Ebony Powerstroke 3 as resonant (with a vent hole off center

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