2011 Ludwig Classic Maple in White Marine Pearl

  1. Here they are on the first day home from the shop.
  2. Initial setup with Yamaha hardware.
  3. The 2001 Ayotte Red Walnut Satin snare is hiding in the back.
  4. Driver's shot- heads are Evans G+ coated.
  5. While changing out the stock heads I discovered that the drums came with little rubber washers/elastics that keep the hoop and tension rods together.
  6. I ordered the kick without spurs and had the shop install Cannon Pro spurs, which are basically a generic version of Yamaha's high-end spurs.
  7. Kit at the guitar player's workshop on the old rug.
  8. Kit on the new $15 IKEA rug.
  9. Here I restored the cymbal arms to their original short arms and mounts.
  10. I started stacking a splash recently.
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