Pearl Kits

My Pearl ELX, my first decent kit. Bit of a story behind this one. Back in about '04 (?), Billy Hyde, a drum shop up in the city, was having a doorbuster sale which had some crazy, crazy bargins, one of them being this kit. It was down from $2099 to $229. When I saw it in the magazine, I ran n showed mum, begged her if I could grab it n she said yes. Cos it was such a mental deal, mum went up to Billys on the friday n sat out the front of the shop for the whole day. Me n my auntie went up that afternoon n the three of us spent the night camped out in front of the shop waiting for the sale the next day. We weren't alone, there was probably a total of about 40 odd people there that night. The next morning they brought in bouncers cos heaps more people rocked up. Then they let us in and I picked up this kit n a set of cymbals. One of the greatest nights of my life.

The other one is a Forum which was given to me by my youth group leader a few years ago. Used it at youth and church for months before we merged with another church which had its own facilities and equipment and whatnot.
  1. Pearl forum.
  2. pearl elx
  3. Pearl elx 2
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