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10-20-2011, 10:42 AM
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  1. Frazzetto
    Where and how much do you get those Congas ( it looks like) with no shells, just the heads. They're like percussion rotos XD
  2. Drumbledore
    Oh those are the LP Giovanni Hidalgo 'Travel Congas & Bongos'. I'm afraid I can only give you the Australian prices (I'm figuring they would be cheaper where you are, we pay a premium price for any drum gear apart from a few places like poor ol' New Zealand, not-so-lol.) Each 'conga' (the smaller one in this pair is called a 'quinto' btw....but when you buy a pair of normal congas, the 'conga' is really the drum smaller than the largest, which is called a 'tumba')..well, for these LP Travel Congas , you would pay @ AU$300 each. The stand is @ AU $150 something from memory, and the bongos were somewhat like AU$200-250. But I got a deal from my local store from one of my mates that worked there at the time, so I paid roughly about AU$750-790 or so.
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