My kits

Yamaha Stage Customs
Pearl Export 4-piece
Japanese 60's Refurb kit
Yamaha Recording Custom project kit
  1. Pearls...
  2. Band name... Viagara Falls.
  3. dtxplorers - My one sojourn into an e-kit. Sold them.
  4. The drums I keep at our practice room. Basically a re-done set of 60's Japanese drums with a converted Ludwig marching drum for the floor tom.  I...
  5. The Pearl Export kit, set up for practice now in the basement.
  6. My latest find, Pearl Export 4-piece kit... 13,16,22&14. The "garage band" kit from now on.
  7. Playin' the strat...
  8. My Ludwigs.  Sold these to buy the Yamaha Stage Customs... almost an even trade, except I came out way ahead!!
  9. That's me singing and playing guitar on the Oktoberfest float... got tired so I sat down.
  10. Outdoor gig, summer 2009... garage band style.
  11. Ready for practice...
  12. Yamaha stage customs
  13. Pearl rhythm travelers, sold in January.
  14. Singing and playing on the old (mostly) Slingerlands...
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