My early 60's Slingerlands
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  2. Early 60's "Slingerland" kit with Vintage A Zildjian Cymbals and Ludwig 1400 Stands. 50's Era Hi Hat Stand.
  3. "Slingerland"
  4. Vintage "Slingerland" 60's set
  5. Stripped and cleaned shells
  6. Stripped and patched Bass Drum and Hoops with plugged bullet hole.
  7. 12"x22" 1960 Bass drum I got on CL as a throw in for other stuff I bought.
  8. 9"x13" 1965 Slingerland tom I got from a friend in Muscle Shoals AL.
  9. 16"x16" Slingerland 60's Floor Tom from Ft. Lauderdale. 
oblong spot is where glue has been removed. Nice shell.
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