Some Gig pics

just some pics from different random gigs. Enjoy!!
  1. i always draw on my snares!
  2. this is my current gigging kit. its a no name 20" bass drum with 10" and 12" taye birch toms and a 13" ludwig accent custom birch tom that i use as a...
  3. nice dw kit for a cd release. i used one of my snares though. had to get this one outa here!!
  4. another mapex pic
  5. IMG 0793
  6. IMG 0803
  7. this is a pdp birch kit that i borrowed from some1. sounded really good
  8. mapex mars pro! i sold this kit! i kinda want it back. very nice toms and one of the best bass drums i've played on
  9. tama starclassic maple kit that a friend gave me! love it!
  10. IMG 0389
  11. IMG 0589
  12. IMG 0638
  13. this is a snare some1 gave me by a company called p.t. drums! sounded good
  14. hot outdoor gig. tama starclassic birch i think
  15. this is i pocket kit i used for a small church gig
  16. i think this was a gretch maple reknown kit. sounded incredible!!
  17. this was a mapex "something". cant remember the model!! sounded gr8!
  18. ok sounding kit. 4got where i was! my snare sounded great though.
  19. yamaha stage custom
  20. 100 1870
  21. Pearl export with dw copper collectors snare 14x6.5
  22. IMG 1054
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