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09-04-2011, 03:34 PM
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  1. Xoferif09
    How do you like the snare?
  2. ntn2it
    The snare is rather generic in sound qualities. I ended up using a Evans HD Dry batter over the stock resonant head. This really impoved the sound of the snare and "fattened" it up a bit, otherwise it was just "so-so". I just got a new Tama Simon Phillips Gladiator 14" x 5.5" bronze snare to replace it. What a difference the new snare makes. I lived with the PDP snare for 5 years though, and it served me well. It just took a while to get it sounding the way I wanted.

    Congrats on the new drums. I really like mine. For heads can I make a recommendation? Try Evans EC resonants on the bottoms, with Remo Clear 10mil batters (black or clear). You will be amazed at the sound you will get. If it were a blind test, you would swear you are hearing a DW Collectors series kit. Believe it!
  3. Xoferif09
    I am also not too impressed with the snare. Right now it has the stock head on it, and I was kinda thinking of trying an evans head on it, to try to see what kind of sound I can get out of it.

    And, I will definitely give that combination a try. I never have used evans heads on the toms, but I am definitely not apposed to it.
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