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  1. Identify this snare...
  2. 14x14 tama rockstar
  3. Help with drum covers?
  4. Rim shots
  5. Snare drum wires
  6. Playing My New Kit
  7. If You Are A Mapex Dealer
  8. Swing In 2? Swing In 4?
  9. New Drummer - Unsure of what brand to buy
  10. Guitarist learning to drum
  11. How do I keep my right hand from going to sleep?
  12. The Purpose of a Vent
  13. Left handed drum set up
  14. Writing Tabs
  15. Ozone Cymbals?
  16. Double pedal choices, need some input
  17. mallets for a drumset?
  18. Purchasing sticks.
  19. Teaching open handed
  20. Bass resonant head
  21. getting rolls down.....
  22. Ankle weights for BD speed???
  23. Bass Drum Muffling Methods?
  24. Beginner Drummer trying to learn new songs.
  25. Intro Help
  26. music producer not drummer
  27. drum rims
  28. Help please.
  29. New Drum Kit, Need Help to alter the sound
  30. Is it feasible to drum in an apartment?
  31. Skins
  32. How to get the most out of my drum practice?
  33. Snare help
  34. Foam or Rubber Drum Mutes/Silencers?
  35. Best practice pad / metronome?
  36. singing and playing drums!!!!!plz help
  37. Heel/Toe quick-double technique
  38. Bass Drum Muffling Question
  39. Leaving drums in car
  40. Drum Head Replacement
  41. What drum kit do I have?
  42. Blast Beat QnA
  43. vintage Toledo drums?
  44. Rotating heads
  45. What hardware /wiring set up do you drummers use to playback backing tracks?
  46. New age group poll
  47. can anyone tell me?
  48. Kit arrived.
  49. Second snare? Advise.
  50. Something for the Audience....
  51. Technique
  52. For those who write their music out
  53. Stave Exotic Wood Snare Drum
  54. Plastic Walls?
  55. A couple Rookie questions
  56. Rudiments Question
  57. Where do I start off as a Beginner?
  58. Worn Gretch Hardware
  59. Can you put kevlar skins on any drum?
  60. Great News!!
  61. Nervous novice seeks advice
  62. Am I in the right place?....a little long.
  63. Practice with Metronomes
  64. Drumnetics magnetic kick pedal
  65. Beginning drummer would like advice
  66. Advice on these sites
  67. What sticks should be used as a beginner
  68. Which songs to learn.
  69. Play along cds
  70. What's the point?
  71. Online Conga Classes? what is the best site.?
  72. Wrist/arm issues
  73. Gettin' Creative?
  74. Bass Drum Beats
  75. Pearl Floor Tom
  76. 16ths vs 8ths vs Quarters: When to play
  77. Bass Drum Skin?
  78. Newbie playing over music - tips?
  79. drum wrap
  80. "Hi-hat with hand" technique?
  81. Rimshots
  82. Beginners' "essential" Stick Control pages to focus on?
  83. What to learn next
  84. Learning new songs.
  85. Double Pedal
  86. Does anyone know how to attach this drum mute?!
  87. Bass drum wrap - lost it's boom!!
  88. First Drum Audition Of My Life
  89. Cecilio Drums
  90. Session drumming
  91. new drums un-built
  92. Yamaha DTXPLORER or Alesis DM7 USB
  93. First page from Stick Control
  94. Slingerland Bass drum help
  95. Backing Tracks
  96. Carry on in music or another career path!
  97. What's Joey playing on Sweet Emotion?
  98. double pedal question
  99. Ludwig Rockers?
  100. What makes a good drummer?????????
  101. Head combos.
  102. Question about Bass Drum Kick Pedals
  103. How long have you been playing drums?????
  104. frequency and practice type !
  105. 1980's Gretsch 'Drop G' kit
  106. Stagg Drums?
  107. Sticks are dragging..........
  108. the best?
  109. Tama superstar hyperdrive 5pc?
  110. 18 inch kick drum porthole
  111. Floppy hi-hats? A Jazz thing?
  112. A Past Post That Needs To Be "Stickied".....Stick Grip....
  113. Recommendations for right hand independance.
  114. Drum lessons.
  115. Newbie lessons question
  116. Reading music.....
  117. Black Dog (Zep)
  118. Can you have two drum tutors
  119. How do I improve my feel?
  120. How much is this kit worth?
  121. What wood do you prefer on your kit?
  122. your favourite mind twisting independance exercise
  123. Teaching drums
  124. seeking advice from experienced players
  125. Where can I find these?
  126. Rock Drumming
  127. What questions?
  128. behind the beat?
  129. Video Taping Your Playing.
  130. Help With Video
  131. What should I keep on practicing?
  132. Hagars Two Sides Of Love
  133. My DW Tom Mount Bracket lost it's grip
  134. Fitting Different Amounts Of Hits In A Beat
  135. Anyone have OCD D ?
  136. 1st double kick pedal
  137. Need help with foot technique....
  138. Owww!!
  139. Vocalize rudiments...?
  140. Bad habbits
  141. All Rudiments Vs Important Rudiments
  142. A Few Technique Questions
  143. Few questions about Tom heads....
  144. Advice sought on practice and double strokes
  145. Recipe for Success (Footwork)
  146. desperately trying to find a specific head!
  147. How do you practice rudiments?
  148. What to look for in a good drum instructor?
  149. 2nd ride cymbal suggestions
  150. Silencer Pads Vs Moongel
  151. Couple Of Practice Questions
  152. Confidence issues
  153. Drum Lesson Related.
  154. Can cheaper shells wear out?
  155. Band Equipment What's Needed
  156. Sticking To Practice Routines/Patience
  157. Proper sitting technique?
  158. Building a snare drum.
  159. Can't figure out this groove!!
  160. Who makes the best drum throne?
  161. Hi-Hats, Which Ones??
  162. Radar Love
  163. Deaden attack
  164. The Importance of playing fast
  165. custom snare??
  166. Drum Notation Program?
  167. Am I going to have to quit playing drums?
  168. Check out my solo on youtube
  169. I Know This Will Get Some People Mad But..
  170. 6/8 vs 12/8
  171. Rudiment Question
  172. Double/Triple
  173. Drum solo week part 2 on letterman
  174. This might be the totally wrong place to ask but..
  175. Is this just me?
  176. Overtones making snare rattle.
  177. Flamacue Question
  178. Beats?
  179. Seperating hand and foot
  180. Changing Grip Technique After Years Of With Poor Grip?
  181. Can you pinpoint extremely specific influences?
  182. staining a drum
  183. Being Self-Taught on Drums
  184. Stuck in a rutt with my playing
  185. drum rolls in 'get ready'
  186. Time signatures hurting my head again
  187. What is Stanton doing?
  188. Ludwig drums
  189. How many have hearing problems
  190. snare drums??
  191. Time signatures
  192. Drum covers!
  193. Getting Noticed?
  194. Chopping out sticks.
  195. VENT! and question.
  196. Soft beaters for e drums?
  197. Buying Drumsets
  198. bass drum movement
  199. Buzz Rolls/ Drum rolls?
  200. What Drumset Should I Buy
  201. Early Jazz Solo Transcriptions
  202. Books on certain latin rhythms?
  203. Stacking of drums: a problem?
  204. Songs with drums removed
  205. Drum Rudiments
  206. Help with Jazz chart!!?
  207. Snare Buzz
  208. Remo vs Evans Coating
  209. New fills?
  210. Oopsies! Prepping to refinish/refinishing
  211. Help?
  212. Need help with learning Glockenspeil...
  213. Playing Hi Hats
  214. Reading Ted Reed's Syncopation
  215. sheet music
  216. Back to the Basics :( The double stroke roll
  217. Beginners Guide - Buying your FIRST drumset
  218. PDP X7 or......???
  219. Double Bass
  220. Double bass inconsistency
  221. A Question about Swing...
  222. dbl kick set up probs
  223. Best Batter/Reso Combo?
  224. New to drumchat!
  225. Snare builds and types..
  226. new drummers
  227. Which Acoustic Kit?!
  228. Snare Drum case help!!!!!!!!!! URGENT
  229. 2 floor toms?
  230. Playing in a Band
  231. Counting sextuplets
  232. Trad grip help?
  233. Room Acoustics
  234. Relaxation exercises
  235. ludwig epic euro shell pack
  236. Electronic drum score
  237. Move schools.....or not??????
  238. Anyone ever play Jesus Christ Superstar?
  239. which kit upgrade?
  240. Finding a band?
  241. Where on your throne do you sit?
  242. Importance of Traditional Grip?
  243. Electronic kits
  244. Possible new instructor, your thoughts?
  245. Decent snare under $250????
  246. using USED batter heads as resonant heads..
  247. Hi-hat alignment/setting problem
  248. 16th note songs
  249. PDP blackout or Joey jordison sig snare
  250. Shooting others down
  251. Christmas present hopes
  252. Tuning a second Floor Tom
  253. Mix My Drums From Stage?
  254. Measuring Drum Size
  255. Music Outfits
  256. Do I need to swallow my pride?
  257. Right foot fatigue
  258. my mapex snare
  259. Free Floater Identification
  260. Super Glue?
  261. Expensive snare or cymbal upgrade?
  262. Lacking confidence
  263. What is Bonham hitting in Ramble on...
  264. China cymbal and technique
  265. Process of Tuning your Drum
  266. Reso Head
  267. Son has lost the love
  268. Dream Theater audition thread..
  269. Slapping/Flapping/Cracking kind of sound when I use the Bass drum
  270. Grade 4 Drums.
  271. Something odd happened.
  272. Acoustic to Electric
  273. I have cubital tunnel syndrome YAY!!!!
  274. What career has allowed you to play your drums
  275. Easy Classic Rock Songs?
  276. Soundproofing
  277. Advice for a new boom stand
  278. Split signal
  279. Bass drum syncopation
  280. "Runner's Knee" or how drumming and my seating position may have screwed my knees
  281. Lighting Up the Kit
  282. Drum Rugs and Marking
  283. Drum cover editing help
  284. A Drum Tutor's Thread: How would you teach a new student who's blind?
  285. Bass Drum Practice Pad
  286. Changing Kick Technique
  287. Match grip strengthens traditional grip?
  288. Sight reading
  289. Pearl Birch Snare
  290. Best Low resonance snare head combo
  291. Building drums 101
  292. denting, wrinkling heads
  293. Are Drummers Important?!?!?
  294. Group teaching..Help!
  295. How do you deal with.....
  296. Double bass beginner tips
  297. Accoustic Foam
  298. Quick Sheet Music Question?
  299. kids drum sheet music
  300. Roto Toms!?
  301. First bass guitar buy..
  302. Software/App/Website that can do this?
  303. more bass guitar buying advice
  304. counting beats
  305. Suggestions for songs to use while teaching
  306. Which double bass pedal to get?
  307. Keep On Rocking Me
  308. sober by tool, is it just me?
  309. Pro instruction near seattle?
  310. Weight workout?
  311. Learning songs.
  312. Drum Rudiments?
  313. Garage drums?
  314. Tama Starclassic Hoops
  315. Utalizing Hi-Hat
  316. off beat onbeat rhythm ditty
  317. Gavin Harrison Move
  318. Calluses from drumming
  319. getting rusty in too little time?
  320. Sticks
  321. Are some people just unable to drum?
  322. Drum Fills
  323. Shoulder of the Stick vs. the Tip on a Hi-Hat
  324. Head advice...
  325. Double Bass exercises?
  326. Rolling stones tab
  327. Bob Florence Drum Charts
  328. Drumming In The Studio
  329. Keeping the hi-hats going.
  330. Hearing troubles! Please Read!
  331. sheet music
  332. HELP!!! Which Kit to buy?.
  333. 16th note song problems?
  334. Acoustic show problems..
  335. keeping the kick drum in place
  336. Sales?
  337. Being comfortable on the drums
  338. Free Drumless Tracks?
  339. Confidence
  340. Finding an apartment where you can practice on an e-drum kit.
  341. Triplets versus Triplet --- nomenclature hell
  342. The 3 Clave beats
  343. Drum Tabs Or By Ear?
  344. UK drum shop?
  345. Limbs are screaming
  346. Help with counting (image inside)
  347. new kit or new pedals
  348. Gigging after a one year break!
  349. Jazz drums in rock
  350. PDP X7 or tama silverstar
  351. Cymbal Crack
  352. PDP concept release?
  353. A Little Help Please...
  354. Arms in or out?
  355. Blocking my own success or did I start too late?
  356. Two questions
  357. I drum does not mean I know every song .
  358. Why ????
  359. MP3's
  360. Double Pedal on 18" Kick
  361. Single braced or double braced? which one should i get?
  362. How to build a stave snare drum??
  363. Samba: Speed and control.
  364. Snare/Tom-Toms flat or tilted
  365. Interesting question about heads
  366. Question concerning a PDP concept maple by DW kit.
  367. First time jamming with other people tomorrow (on drums).
  368. The metronome is not my enemy (the new mantra)
  369. The sound of snares in early rock
  370. difference between licks, fills, chops
  371. Vic Firth Headphones?
  372. How far back do you play your pedals?
  373. Latin fills?
  374. Snare too big?!
  375. Advice for beginner drummers?
  376. Headphones vs Monitors
  377. Noise Reduction for drums
  378. Headphones for practice.
  379. Remo Heads *HELP*
  380. How do you balance drumming and the rest of your life?
  381. Getting frustrated with hand technique...
  382. Which drums?
  383. Best setup for an 8 piece kit
  384. Blues 4/4 or 6/8?
  385. Need advise please
  386. Question about ghost notes on snare.
  387. Crash cymbal suggestions?
  388. Where to start with double bass?
  389. Drum beats Vs. drum notes
  390. Last minute tips?
  391. Need second kit buying advice..
  392. combo slide-to-heel-toe?
  393. How to practice the Stick Control book
  394. drum programs
  395. Exercise (and not just practicing paradiddles!)
  396. Ringing Ears?
  397. Shuffle beat / triplets
  398. Think i just found a way to increase hand at footspeed simultaneously
  399. Physics behind a shot
  400. Jazz ride pattern question
  401. Can't figure out hi-hat patterns
  402. DTX 500K high hat
  403. how to choose the right instrument
  404. Hi hat size
  405. Pearl E Pro Live (help?)
  406. Wrist pains
  407. Easy but fun songs to learn?
  408. Help with my setup?
  409. Mapex Snare Question
  410. Jazz drummers- a few questions?
  411. New drummer, have questions
  412. Practicing Drum Rudiments
  413. Jazz/Funk
  414. Toms
  415. What's wrong with burying the beater anyway?
  416. Drum Beat
  417. Show us your "Shuffles"
  418. Funk players, which do you favor: on or behind the beat?
  419. Which heads to choose
  420. How to develop feel
  421. What should I be practicing?
  422. Kick Pedal Bounce
  423. new snare?
  424. How can I adjust my techno pitch sector with music?
  425. hey anyone have wood suggestions for a stave snare
  426. Double strokes and dynamics
  427. hi, I am fond of playing drums but sometimes I miss a beat of a note
  428. Getting back lost endurance
  429. Had a bad practice session
  430. How to tune toms like Dave Grohl on "Songs For The Deaf" by QOTSA
  431. Snare Help/Suggestions
  432. Black panther snare
  433. Two Measure Jazz Fill
  434. Can you make your own speaker for live sound?
  435. help!!!!!! studio drumming
  436. What are snare sticks?
  437. Stick size
  438. Playing live with a click?
  439. Pat Boone/Debbie Boone
  440. I can't stop rushing
  441. Adding to Your Wrap
  442. Reversing your kit to Practice....
  443. Drummers!!!Electronic or Acoustic?
  444. Do you play the same thing?
  445. What's the lightest?
  446. Should the drums lead or follow?
  447. Taye Drums
  448. need some help with drum intro to song please..
  449. Drums sound better with earplugs
  450. Beginner / Ameteur periods
  451. not falling forward
  452. Gibralter bass drum pedal help
  453. How can I speed up using my double bass pedal?
  454. Are these 32nd notes or 16th triplets? (rap/hip hop)
  455. what would you do????
  456. Self-Taught negatives
  457. Creativity Help
  458. Big or small?
  459. 16th notes at 200BPM+
  460. A bit of help with value, etc.
  461. Are there names given to regular drum beats?
  462. Drum Height/Angle??
  463. Wrist vs Fingers...
  464. Snare drum choice
  465. What one should i chose
  466. 4 measure Latin Rock solo
  467. Who do you groove with?
  468. Re-set your new kick pedal like the old one?
  469. Snare Drum advice please
  470. How Do You Count BPM's?
  471. Can I Stop Drum ring w/out damping?
  472. foot doubles
  473. Locking in with the snare?
  474. Putting a click track to intro a song...How?
  475. Syncho, Cinco, Syncopation.
  476. Conflicted
  477. Need some help
  478. woodwind to drumline! tryouts in a month
  479. too much attack?
  480. Where are your hats?
  481. 6 month mark and progress
  482. Attaching wood block.
  483. Press stroke on batter head after a fill?
  484. Dawson rudimental ritual - double drag.
  485. New Drummer Need Help!!
  486. Is this normal?
  487. Not sure what kit to get for daughter?
  488. Agghhhhh to many choices :-(
  489. Cheating?
  490. Song BPM database
  491. shell polish
  492. Help with Snare wire?
  493. I need some expert drumchat advise...
  494. sound proof
  495. Best live band set-ups: drums vs cab locations
  496. Song Suggestions?
  497. Which to begin with, electronic drums or standard drum sets?
  498. Wrist
  499. What drum sets are in the $2000 range
  500. What brand is best (sorry if i missed any)