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  1. Electronic Drumset
  2. DIY electric drums
  3. Sound systems used with electric drums
  4. Drum Machine Software
  5. Yamaha dtxellence III
  6. Mesh Heads...
  7. Any comment?
  8. roland TMC-6 options
  9. wen im gigging ...
  10. Mixing Eletric and Acoustic
  11. Triggered cymbals.......
  12. Name your kit and say what you think about your kit.
  13. Yamaha DD5
  14. V-Expressions
  15. Yamaha dtxellence III
  16. Roland monitors
  17. Roland TD9
  18. Alesis DM5 Pro
  19. what is the best amp for electronic drums
  20. Hart Dynamics Give a review
  21. Drum Sampling
  22. Good triggers
  23. New E-Kit
  24. Trigger modules
  25. E-DRUM Horror Story
  26. Frustration!!
  27. Got my E-Drum Amp today
  28. recommendation for PC midi software (for dd-55 drum machine)
  29. Electric Kit Warning
  30. perhaps someone can help me (re: MIDI interface)
  31. Roland TD-9SX or Yam. Express IV Special
  32. DTXpressIV Special V2
  33. Electronic or soundproofing
  34. Electronic Drum Monitor Display
  35. Is mixing and matching crazy?
  36. Cost to convert your kit...
  37. Hi-Hat "Chik"
  38. Which would make a better drum amp?
  39. V drums best settings
  40. Recording with Elecro kits
  41. Brain transplant?
  42. cables
  43. Need your advice/help
  44. Drum Amps?
  45. yoki DD608 drum set
  46. Roland Handsonic
  47. Pedalling with the heel?
  48. E-Drum help
  49. Alesis DM5 Pro Kit... Any good?
  50. DTXpress IV Standard Vs. Special
  51. DTXpress IV V2 - HiHat woes
  52. DIY Electric M Birch
  53. Recorded song volume
  54. DTXppress iv special
  55. D-Drum triggers
  56. Roland SPD-S or Alesis Performance Pad?
  57. New to electronic drums
  58. Domanda a voi E-Drummers ;D
  59. Roland TD12K BK VS. Roland TD 9KX
  60. Mesh vs Rubber / Noise vs Real Feel
  61. Darn!
  62. Reliability of used Roland Kits
  63. Bass Drum Pedal too loud?
  64. Yamaha PCY155 - 15" 3 Zone Electronic Cymbal Pad
  65. Building an electric kit
  66. Check out my Roland TD-6KX
  67. Hit Hat for Yamaha DTXpress III
  68. Need some advices...
  69. Two Roland kits...similar or more different than led to believe?
  70. Yamaha RHH135 Hi-Hat
  71. What's the Best Roland for Under $1900?
  72. td12 brain on a td9kx kit?
  73. does this have mesh heads - Alesis DM5 Pro Electronic Drum Set
  74. Need advice on a drum machine program
  75. metronome in Alesis DM5Pro
  76. sorry so many threads (CD input to a Simmons 7k)
  77. Yamaha DTXplorer??
  78. Hart Dynamics?
  79. HELP (re: adapter for Ipod w/ Simmons 7k)
  80. Primes' new MoJo (MoJo Sr); Simmons 7K
  81. Thoughts on my DIY set after a couple years
  82. Home amplification ?
  83. Snare Sound On Hi-Hat
  84. Roland Hi Hat controller doesn't work
  85. New Electronic Kit
  86. Electric kit or converted accoustic??
  87. Suggestions for a Newb
  88. Bass Amp for electronic drums! please reply!
  89. DTXpress III by yamaha
  90. Legacy Vs. Yamaha
  91. Small cheap electric kits.
  92. Roland HD-1 or TD-4s?
  93. Mesh Pad Volume
  94. My schools bying an electronic practice kit help!
  95. electroproofing?
  96. Bass pedal loud?
  97. Brain Surgery!
  98. Ion IDE01 Metronome?
  99. the best a set can get
  100. ddrum modules?
  101. Stick rebound on Pintech mesh heads
  102. Electronic bass drum pedal
  103. Alesis DM5 Pro Kit - would the Alesis M1Active 520 monitors work well?
  104. How I convert an acoustic kit to electric
  105. Hybrid drum question
  106. Question on paradiddles
  107. E-drum Question
  108. alesis usb kit
  109. What is the best,most natural feeling hi-hat controller?
  110. Getting back into drumming
  111. What pedal/beater with your e-kit?
  112. Remo Muffl screens?
  113. whats a good e drum ?
  114. Didn't think I'd be posting here!
  115. cymbal roll on electronic drums
  116. Mixers + Hard **** Recorders
  117. Alesis DM5 Question..............................
  118. Getting samples onto my e kit
  119. Yamaha DTxtreme lls
  120. Simmons SD9K
  121. Yamaha DTXtreme III Vs. Roland TD 20
  122. Alesis DM5 v TD-4 v TD-6v
  123. midi triggering
  124. Rolahama/Yamaland
  125. Boosting the feel of your e-kit?
  126. HELP!!! Brain for Simmons SD7k DOA!
  127. TD3&6 vs DTExpress 2&3
  128. Electric kit + Battery 3.0 question
  129. Would you pay $5000 for 10 complete top shelf kits ?
  130. On a DTXpress III, is it possible to use a hi-hat pedal as bass?
  131. On a DTXpress III, is it possible to use a hi-hat pedal as bass?
  132. yamaha DTXPRESS III used price
  133. Simmons SDSV
  134. Acoustic Conversions
  135. Gonna trigger another set !
  136. new snare 14 x 5
  137. amp with e-kit, can we DO THAT?
  138. Problem with everything.
  139. Help on buying new electronic drumset
  140. use an e-kit with real cymbals ?
  141. Roland TD9-KX: Right for the newbie!?
  142. Learning about drum triggers on acoustic sets....
  143. recording roland TD3 midi
  144. Bass drum trigger too loud (Pintech CKV)
  145. DTXPRESS Drum Module Help
  146. Roland kick pad question
  147. Roland TD-10 Ride volume
  148. Td 9
  149. Acoustic to Electric or Roland kit?
  150. Old electronic drum : Klone Kit 2 made by Honky Tonk Music
  151. DM5 Pro or DD506
  152. Anything on the horizon?
  153. Yamaha DTXpress IV Special V2
  154. Yamaha DTXpress problem
  155. DTxtreme11
  156. Getting started in elec drums
  157. Alesis DM5 Pro or Simmons SD9k
  158. Trigger Question
  159. Am I missing out?
  160. any thoughts on a Roland TD-4SX (with mesh heads)
  161. New Yamaha DTXpress announced at Winter NAMM?
  162. Roland Td-4 vs Td-9 (both mesh) - ??
  163. another question: TD-9SX ? TD-9KX (whats the dif?)
  164. Please help - e-drums newbie
  165. Adding electronic drums to an acoustic kit
  166. New (to me) DTXPRESSII
  167. Amplification question
  168. rubber or mesh heads? (you decide: video of side-by-side)
  169. Simmons SD7K Review
  170. The Saga of my Switch to E-Drums
  171. About to get an electric drumset
  172. Roland CY-8
  173. Voice Layering
  174. Adding Cymbals?
  175. I've jut got a DTXtreme III
  176. Budget Drum triggers
  177. E-Practice Pd vs. RMP-5
  178. looking for amp
  179. Fried my TD-6!! WARNING!!!
  180. Roland TD-9KX(SX) or DTXtreme III Standard
  181. E-Drum Live Amplification/PA
  182. Thinking of buying a new kit
  183. Module recommendations
  184. Tim "Ripper" Owens tribute song I did, need help.
  185. drum machine help
  186. Difference Between Roland TD-9K and S?
  187. OMG attachments!
  188. Newbie with Yamaha DTExpress IV need training DVD
  189. Recording on a computer?
  190. Ordered a DTXpress IV...
  191. Trigger/pad interchangeability?
  192. Old School '80s edrums added to my ECX kit
  193. Roland Pd-5/8
  194. Hybrid Amplification
  195. Demo songs onto my pc?
  196. Roland TD-10
  197. Yamaha DTXtreme III-more like a DTXtress
  198. Hello From Belgium
  199. Edrums and real cymbals?
  200. Alesis pads interchangablity?
  201. which e kit is the best?
  202. Yamaha DTXpressIII with IV Pads
  203. DTXplorer needs an upgrade. What should I get?
  204. sound module settings please?
  205. Make Wave Drum into perfect studio snare.
  206. Trigger module alternatives
  207. Alesis Troubles
  208. 2 bass drum mics
  209. E drums ain't what they use to be !!
  210. Help Needed!
  211. Alesis DM5
  212. Alesis DM Pro Module Question
  213. Anyone have experience with these?
  214. Help Needed for a DTXpress 2
  215. M Birch conversion to the next level
  216. The Korg Wavedrum
  217. Module and Wire Question.
  218. Must watch video
  219. Cymbals "Cutting Out"
  220. Pearl's EPro vs Roland's TD12KX
  221. E-drums Opened Up a New World for Me
  222. Ion ied05
  223. what are drum triggers?
  224. td-20
  225. Can the Roland TD4 be upgraded?
  226. Round Robin explained
  227. How can it get better than this ????
  228. Back at DC with my new E-kit !
  229. Options! What drum modules sample and can use other sounds???
  230. ekit sound clip of my two piece metal "band"
  231. dm5 to vh-12 compatability
  232. The best triggering for working drummer???
  233. The E-drum pipeline: What's your configuration??
  234. Alesis tk-5 or Alesis I/O USB-MIDI interface?
  235. Sampling: How To???
  236. comments on TD-7 please
  237. Will this amp work?
  238. DTXPlorere Module - No Power
  239. Ekits and real cymbals?
  240. Adding cymbals to TD12
  241. MIDI Basic Information
  242. Used Roland Td3 v a new Dtxplorer
  243. Roland TD-20KX vs. Yamaha DTX550K
  244. Anyone have any complaints/praise for the yamaha DTXPress IV?
  245. DTXPLORER bass question
  246. Triggers; internal vs external
  247. Yamaha DTX550K
  248. Different cymbals
  249. Using Yamaha DTX ver 2 as drum machine
  250. Amplification? How big for live gigs?
  251. E-Kit Throwing Me Off
  252. Amplification for Gigs
  253. First post! (and a question about trigger compatibility)
  254. Have a Yamaha DTX Series? Share your custom kit!
  255. Roland CY-8 cymbal problem!
  256. Ddrum trigger problem
  257. An experiment in cross-talk prevention
  258. Cheap amplification for my DTX E-kit?
  259. replecating my acoustic kit
  260. Share your E-kit recordings!
  261. Looking to Upgrade my Electronic Set, Need Help
  262. New DTX900
  263. Soon to be drumming again!!!!
  264. Headphone jack for Roland TD-9 acting up!
  265. I got bored so I created a Frankenstein E-kit
  266. Triggering Idea? Maybe
  267. P.A. for E.drums and vocals
  268. My 2 cents about triggers
  269. Stick size with ekits?
  270. Anyone familiar with Yamaha triggering issues??
  271. Acoustic to electronic conversion
  272. Yamaha drum trigger programming
  273. my cheap drum trigger .
  274. Roland TD4 issues
  275. 3 zone cympal on dtxtreme iii
  276. getting back into elect. drums...
  277. VST explained..
  278. Quick question, help!
  279. Need to quiet the set....sadly
  280. My project is coming together!
  281. Yamaha cymbal pad stopped working today, help?
  282. DTXPRESS IV Special Set V2 users: Cymbal info
  283. Anyone ever heard of the E-ED001 by Singing Machine?
  284. A/E drum conversion
  285. DTXPRESS (original version)--what's a fair price to sell
  286. What should I buy.
  287. Recording onto my laptop with a DTXPress III. Please help :)
  288. Alesis Performance Pad and DM Kick Pad combo
  289. Noob here..:)
  290. Noob Drum Trigger
  291. HD-1... input please.
  292. Endorse for elekt. Drums
  293. DTXtreme 3 problem
  294. Help Please? SMI-1458/DD-501 edrums MIDI not recognized in XP -
  295. source of cable for extra crash (TD-9)
  296. DD-65/YDD-60 Problem
  297. Roland Electronic Drums/Recording/Quantizing Help?
  298. What is the average price for a used Roland TD-6 w/ all mesh pads?
  299. VST Hardware Config
  300. Mesh snare on Yammaha DTXPLORER
  301. Best MIDI to USB Interface?
  302. New snare For dtxpress IV standard?
  303. I NEED HELP (advise)
  304. Newbie with a new toy...
  305. yamaha DTXtreme 900 vs DTXtreme 3 special
  306. Hxm hd-008/10
  307. One electronic drum?
  308. Drum Trigger
  309. Second International V-Drummers Collaboration
  310. Electronic Drum Monitoring
  311. Best Ekit for live shows-Help!
  312. Roland SPD-S
  313. Staying in Place
  314. New Alesis DM7
  315. Is Alesis DM-10 Studio a good kit for the price?
  316. DTXteme II for gigging?
  317. My drum teacher... Is one funny guy
  318. Specs for Ion drum rocker fr XBOX360?
  319. td-3 and Addictive Drums
  320. Double Bass Pedal?
  321. Which Kit to get
  322. Alesis DM Pro Help...Anyone...Please?!
  323. Music Holder for rack?
  324. Alesis DM Pro Module, Simmons Hi-Hat Issues
  325. DTXpress IV crash cymbal choke
  326. Alesis dm5 with roland pd7 heads questions
  327. WTB: Vintage Pollard Syndrum
  328. Yamaha DD-55 fan!
  329. Roland TD4
  330. Yamaha ECymbal help please PCY65S
  331. How I made a $800 electric drum kit for $350
  332. Song Recording
  333. All i want is a pad for...
  334. Simmons SD5K Hi-Hat Issues...Please Help!
  335. Dtxplorer faulty lead
  336. Help! Need to find reasonable electronic drums
  337. Need another cymbal for my ION set
  338. triggering Dubstep into DTX pads
  339. Which Hardware To Buy...?
  340. The world of electronic drumming
  341. Alesis DM6 - two kick pads?
  342. Extending the TD-9? (additional module)
  343. e-kit for practice
  344. Not another "which v-drum to buy" thread??
  345. wavedrum and amps...
  346. Drum Machine Question
  347. E-Kit for BFD2 etc
  348. Locking clutch on Yamaha DTX hi-hat?
  349. Electric Drum Amps to Accompany Acoustic Drums?
  350. Now correct me if I'm wrong...
  351. Yamaha DTX550K
  352. only a quick question
  353. kick pad problem on TD-9
  354. Looking for an inexpensive kit for MIDI sequencing
  355. looking for footswitches for alesis control pad
  356. Hi Hat pedal issues
  357. Trigger problems?
  358. New member new sport e drum & external trigger ideas
  359. Sticks?
  360. double pedal
  361. Drum Module to midi for sonar QnA
  362. Connecting a dual zone pad to DTXplorer
  363. Hello everyone.Can you help please?
  364. Custom MIDI drum tracks online - any business?
  365. Expanded Alesis DM6 or DM10
  366. any reviews on medeli/rockburn/session pro dd 501/505 etc??
  367. Wood or nylon tips on e drums?
  368. Looking for an electric kit
  369. Triggering custom sounds
  370. triggering lights with dm5 and pd7 pads
  371. DD501 cable
  372. foldable e-drum advice for a tiny apartment
  373. Need some help!
  374. Electronic kit for recording.
  375. Roland TD4 or Alesis DM8?
  376. Splash pad - instead of PCY-10
  377. Live Dubstep with triggers & mesh heads
  378. Roland TD4K2...I'm hooked and expanding
  379. BFD2 Coincidence...
  380. 12 yr old novice and Yamaha DD55
  381. New (to me) e-kit
  382. DTXplorer question
  383. Combined 2 TD4K2 Kits continued...With Addictive Drums the Review/samples
  384. Hxm hd10
  385. Roland TD-6 question
  386. Finally got Addictive Drums working...
  387. Why Triggers on an acoustic set...my test
  388. Roland Percussion Controllers
  389. New drummer looking to upgrade
  390. Simmons or Alesis?
  391. zildjians new gen 16 e-cymbals
  392. Acrylic Cymbals
  393. Td 10
  394. Building My DIY E Drums...Snare complete!
  395. Latency
  396. TD-4K2 vs ALESIS DM10 Studio
  397. DTXpress IV Issues & Snare Problems
  398. Sound system?
  399. Vexpressions from comp to set?
  400. DIY E drums 3 Rack toms finished
  401. Yamaha DTX500K... How do I add a Tom and a Cymbal???
  402. Electronic kit for University
  403. Quick adjustments for adult vs 8-year-old?
  404. Just ordered the Yamaha XP80 snare.
  405. help! what gear/setup to use for playing live to stems?
  406. triggers ...arg..help
  407. Simmons DA200S or Yamaha MSR250?
  408. Free Sampler software for Mac?
  409. need speaker for a td6
  410. Roland TD6 MIDI question
  411. FPC presets or addictive/ez/supperior drummer presets
  412. Looking for help with 1st sampling pad
  413. Anybody using an iPod Touch or iPad for music?
  414. AE conversion, new e-kit or upgraded pads?
  415. Need advice. What snare to buy?
  416. Question about electronic drums
  417. Musical drumming with MIDI drums and Ableton - How much interest in this?
  418. Roland TD-10 acting monophonic?
  419. newer e-drums, or old Roland
  420. Simply looking for suggestions
  421. MIDI, never done this before
  422. Alesis DM10 Studio kit
  423. Drum samples
  424. Need Help W/ Roland CY-8 Cymbals and Alesis Trigger I/O
  425. old td 12 or td 9kx2
  426. How to save samples from drum module to computer?
  427. Mandala Drum
  428. DIY Drum Project Complete
  429. DIY Drum Project Complete Part 2
  430. Please help! Roland question!
  431. Yamaha or[and] Roland
  432. Alesis D4 Drum Module need some parts
  433. Homemade triggers
  434. Yamaha DTX 500 Velocity
  435. WHAT STICKS for electronic drums?
  436. Help with ALESIS CONTROL PAD
  437. Roland Kit with Yamaha Module?
  438. Yet another DIY Bass drum
  439. 2 kp65's on the dtxplorer?
  440. midi to usb for dtxplorer
  441. Both Pearl M80 Kik's complete...
  442. Alesis kick tower for dm6 session kit?
  443. Roland TD9KX
  444. New Toy
  445. Three Zone Cymbals
  446. Strange random midi issue with DTX500
  447. Do you play e kits differently?
  448. roland td30 drumset
  449. TD9 and CY-12R/C
  450. Looking for an electronic drumset.
  451. Recommendation for triggers
  452. DTX900 Recording
  453. roland td 7 problem
  454. New Zen
  455. Warranty?
  456. Crazy Journey into E-kits
  457. questions on new (used) Hart Pro set
  458. choosing eDrum kit: opinions please :)
  459. DIY edrum and midi module to computer
  460. My Live DIY Triggered Ekit thread
  461. Didnt know Pearl made this..
  462. Drum Machines??
  463. DD505 snare drum faulty.
  464. Yamaha DTX-530 set up questions
  465. Buying an electric Drumset for the 1st time.
  466. Recomendations for around ~$800-900?
  467. Combining pads and module of two manufacturers (@sevensilly: Here's an idea)
  468. My Pintech Electro kit
  469. Yamaha Cymbal issues
  470. Roland pads with Yamaha e-kit
  471. FD-8 problem
  472. Alesis Percpad / Sample pad
  473. Dtx 500 cymbal equivalents
  474. aKit plus eKit: all together now?
  475. A2E Conversion
  476. Line 6 ux2 and pc as a ''drum module''?
  477. LED lights on an electronic drumset
  478. Why do my cymbals sound bad?
  479. Recording Drums
  480. yamaha dtx500 metronome question
  481. $3500 to spend give or take, any sugg?
  482. Live Triggering with Drumagog 5! Hi Hat Questions..?
  483. Superior Drummer 2.0 and Sustain Pedal..?
  484. Modifying a HiHat Controller into a Expression Pedal?
  485. Recently Bought a Roland TD4K2
  486. New to electric! :o
  487. Acoustic to Electric
  488. Acoustic to Acoustic/Electronic Conversion
  489. Triggering issue DTP520c cymbals
  490. sweet deal!
  491. Replacement Snare.... Traps E500
  492. Yamaha DTX700k Snare Problems!
  493. Rubber mats and triggering?
  494. A to E Build finally started
  495. Also doing an A to E conversion
  496. Electric Sets Within These Specifications
  497. Ion Drum Rocker Electronic Drum Brain
  498. My Homemade Electronic Snare Project
  499. Mallet Instrument Style Drum Pads
  500. E-drums and Superior Drummer