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  1. I also have my own website!
  2. Used kits online.
  3. Playing with no rack tom
  4. Naming your drum solo
  5. drum cover!!
  6. Drum fills
  7. Project Boredom
  8. Conan O'Brien Played Drums?
  9. i dont have a web site
  10. Looking for "multi-temporality" examples
  11. Check out this sexually biased drumset ad.
  12. July 4th, Calling all drummers!!!
  13. Rudiments Routine
  14. Quick studio session
  15. How many drum sets do you own?
  16. Happy 4th of July
  17. Forum classifieds?
  18. Things you may not see every day
  19. Resonant head on bass
  20. Drumming late at night
  21. My first drum cover
  22. our band find ourselves in a cool comp!
  23. Ordered my 14x14 floor tom case
  24. Look What I Got!!!
  25. DW 6.5x14 Nickel Over Brass Snare Sound-Clips!
  26. Wierdest drum kit on the planet.
  27. Breaking Down the Barriers
  28. Been away for a while...
  29. I'm in the Aug issue of Drum! Magazine!!!!!!!
  30. Type of music you like to practice to.
  31. Steve Smith Video A must see for all drummers
  32. Crush Aluminum snare is awesome
  33. Barn find! Pics of a 1930's bass drum!
  34. I Have to Pinch Myself.................
  35. Lesson Quandry
  36. Let Me Get Your Opinion
  37. Many MEINL cymbals inside :)
  38. Lang plays Roland
  39. For All You Metal Guys......
  40. Why can't I post pictures???
  41. The Local Band Struggle...
  42. I have reached a milestone.
  43. Is there a name for horse gallup beats like holy diver,diamonds and rust, barracuda
  44. Question on picking up speed on rudiments - when to rebound
  45. Granny's got chops
  46. Vinyl wrap IS a viable alternative...pics inside
  47. What instrument is this
  48. i have conquered a new pattern.
  49. Pillow in bass drum
  50. Beware Mr. Baker - Ginger Baker
  51. Auditions
  52. Band Business Entities
  53. I just wanted to share...
  54. stupidest thing ive heard recently
  55. played my first festival! and more :)
  56. Video of my son playing
  57. Joan Jett (last Night) OC fair
  58. 3 year old rock star
  59. Funny Drum Pics
  60. Blue Man Group
  61. Oh Man. Another 10 Year old
  62. ep released
  63. My New Nashville TN Rock/Metal Band
  64. Looking for drummer
  65. Depressed over talent show results
  66. Another 1!!!!!!!!!!
  67. trying new stuff on my drum (video)
  68. 7779311 Drum Groove - The Time
  69. Goodwill G.A.S.
  70. Another Lady
  71. Playing on my new kit.
  72. Drum Lessons
  73. How Particular Are You?
  74. New Dream theater song
  75. Practice time
  76. Story time - Getting hit on at gigs
  77. more G.A.S
  78. What are your favorite cymbals?
  79. Bassdrum resonance head hole / kickport placement
  80. Band resurrection
  81. trying my hand at some EQ, also soundclip of my Dunnett
  82. Are you gonna go my way - Lenny Kravitz help
  83. New drum head
  84. Check out these old Maxwin shells..(pics inside)
  85. Another ebay fail...
  86. Crazy Bozzio
  87. It's always nice to have the support of your family
  88. Foot speed video
  89. Metronome help
  90. Gigging drumset w/Virgin kick
  91. twisted(everyday hurts) - skunk Anansie help
  92. Heading into the studio tomorrow!
  93. The New Reso Heads Are Here!
  94. I just had my first lesson!
  95. mapex q series vs mapex mars
  96. Tips and Tricks..
  97. Buying new drum heads
  98. Preventing driving spouse crazy with drumming
  99. Audio Technica 6 drum mics
  100. Sonor kit is back home, unbelievable.
  101. Gloves for drumming
  102. Crazy drum trends - What's next?
  103. Thinking about getting a different kit and want advice
  104. Best Wash ?
  105. Review of drum solo at talent show
  106. Best Hi Hat Stand
  107. Don't I feel like an idiot...
  108. creative drumming idea's
  109. New Kit
  110. WOW No more complaining about loading in/out
  111. Studying Tommy Igo's DVD
  112. Studying Tommy Igo's DVD
  113. Peter Erksine Drum Clinic
  114. First kit?
  115. DogBone
  116. I got some Vic Firth Shogun oak 5As in the GC 10 for $10 sale!
  117. america
  118. Practicing with dvd
  119. How to Play a John Bonham Drum Solo
  120. Getting faster on paradiddles
  121. left handed drummer, opinions wanted.
  122. Blues drummers
  123. Busy week coming up
  124. Remember the GAS thing?
  125. Guitar Center
  126. Fred Armisen from SNL - Drummer, Punk Rock, Blue Man Group
  127. DrumoffTV Competition!
  128. Had an amazing experience...
  129. Drum Magazine mistake?
  130. need a new drum teacher.
  131. Question on musician union
  132. Funky grooves by Vanz drumming video
  133. You Want To See A Great Band!!
  134. Can't Decide...
  135. oops, i gassed.
  136. Aussie drummers! My mate's band's doing a support gig with 12 Foot Ninja!
  137. My Vintage Snare
  138. Side Snare
  139. Look at all this crap... Wait a second.
  140. Jazz Drummers Here?
  141. Gig
  142. These are the things I wonder about...
  143. My Tuning Experiences
  144. Fast to Judge
  145. My first real lesson.
  146. Concert toms?
  147. good jazz songs for the drums
  148. Avatars...
  149. songs with drums like this one
  150. Guitar Center drum off
  151. Cool Trailer to New Film
  152. Wrapping a Shell -- Question
  153. Camco Oaklawn (PICTURES)
  154. Live music video!
  155. Crazy drum set
  156. Noise cancelling headphones make drums sound better ?!!?
  157. Drums and dog
  158. Electronic drums vs Superior Drummers
  159. we had a pretty good night last night :)
  160. Not wanting to do suggested songs by other band members?
  161. The new Dream Theater drum sound
  162. bass drum/key tension rods
  163. Foam for drum room.
  164. Going for simpler setups.
  165. New idea for independent drummer
  166. Snare heads!!
  167. Righty -- Lefty -- Open
  168. 13-inch Snare Drum.......and other options
  169. photo of my band at BOTB.
  170. John Henry Bonham (31 May 1948 – 25 September 1980)
  171. Band news.
  172. Yea! New Drum Stuff Coming!
  173. Buck Cherry (Xavier Drumming hard)
  174. Tommy Wells Passed Away
  175. Just want to say bye to everyone
  176. 26.37 minutes from my HOB gig last night
  177. Kick drum mic'ing
  178. Double Tama Bell Brass with Bell brass hoops 14x6.5 (PL565)
  179. The Cat gave me an ultimatum...
  180. Newbie buying a used electronic kit
  181. Bass Drum Stability
  182. Selling my Ludwig element kit.
  183. Selling my Ludwig element kit.
  184. Glass Glitter or Traditional Sparkle ???
  185. Setup my gretsch drum kit.
  186. Gig this afternoon! But.....
  187. Thank you!
  188. 1 O/H mic for live, what type and positioning to pick up less cymbals?
  189. The Big Gig
  190. Guitar Players Writing drum parts........
  191. how do you know when your good enough?
  192. Tama/Camco??
  193. Best Snare Cord
  194. Long night in the studio and I'm speechless
  195. Pro-Mark Project 151
  196. Uni Assessment - Opinions on different types of woods used in drums. (PLEASE REPLY)
  197. Vic Firth durability?
  198. If you haven't already seen it on FB. Thomas Lang
  199. New Single..
  200. Fair Dinkum! On on my 8000th post here. Yowzers!
  201. Looking to buy single tom holder.
  202. Drum & Drumming Magazine
  203. New emad bass drum batter head
  204. Double kick pedal tecniques
  205. Trip to Chicago and Vic's
  206. finally got to jam with someone that isn't my ipod
  207. Lets talk Hoops
  208. Anyone have any idea what this is?
  209. I still love you!
  210. The Big Gig -- Epilogue
  211. Survey for Uni assessment
  212. guitar drum pedal.
  213. Getting back to drumming
  214. Another band
  215. Big Gig photos
  216. Big Gig photos - part two
  217. I think my "ear" is getting better.
  218. And One More Thing for You PEARL guys......
  219. Drummers This Week
  220. She Does A Good Job
  221. Sending the Shell Out Today
  222. Going to start looking for a band to play in.
  223. My Precious..My Drummer Boy! :D
  224. new drum teacher
  225. battle of the bands - the result!
  226. stick it where?
  227. Drum Quiz
  228. Drum Arcade Games
  229. Drum rack with 1 tom
  230. Post Your Halloween Drum Pictures Here
  231. Batala!
  232. Sad time in the studio
  233. Photos, part three
  234. Just in time for Halloween - Ghostly visit
  235. Physics of a Rim Shot?
  236. Music/drum room- almost finished!!!
  237. Question on studio recording and video
  238. Ray Ayotte is returning to Ayotte drums
  239. Check out this groove!
  240. Ludwig Jazz Festival & Drum Art Olive - recent GAS :))
  241. i will past the week end at the montreal drumfest
  242. Bass Pedal Idea For VERY Weak Legs
  243. ALWAYS inspect before you buy!
  244. I Want To Play a SONG!
  245. Air Drumming
  246. Clear or coated head for maple drums
  247. Bobble-heads!
  248. Wasn't Me. Funny Though
  249. The search is finally over!
  250. What day of week does your band rehearse?
  251. How many years playing before joining a band?
  252. My New Digs!
  253. Weird Phenomenon Maybe Only Peculiar To Me
  254. Yamaha moving to China
  255. Tennis elbow no drums for awhile.
  256. Drum Day aka The Big Beat
  257. This is Halloween One Man Ensemble
  258. Jammit App.....WOW
  259. i got g.a.s. again!
  260. U.S. Navy Band, Washington, D.C. Percussion Audition
  261. Precision Wrap
  262. My son has a new drum teacher...
  263. Steel toe boots and drumming
  264. radio concertcast tnite
  265. What's On Your Feet When You Play?
  266. Setup Question - How 'tight' of a fit?
  267. shirts for drumming?
  268. cold weather and drum sets
  269. wait time for extra toms
  270. Quiet Snare?
  271. Need opinions on this Ludwig set
  272. Soundproofing(kind of) for my window
  273. building drums
  274. one of my new favorite drummers, Gil Sharone
  275. Drum monitors and a hello
  276. Ghost Rider
  277. started double bass yesterday
  278. Picked up another $100 set, LOL
  279. Lighter Sticks = Faster Sticking?
  280. Original thread closed regarding my son's new drum teacher?
  281. Double Bass Drumming: Do you lead with your RIGHT or your LEFT?
  282. wheres Pastor Bob ?
  283. Hello fellow stickmen/women
  284. Looking for constructive criticism
  285. real old picture
  286. Left handed on feet, right handed up top on, ummm
  287. Another Snare Drum
  288. Not able to tell bass guitar from bass drum on recordings
  289. Dave Weckl Clinic/Yamaha Live Custom Report
  290. Classic Louie Bellson Video -- Awesome
  291. Strange Show
  292. Butterflies In The Belly
  293. Keeping my ludwig element kit
  294. Great Club Gig
  295. Had a GREAT time on Saturday night!
  296. Where do i go from here...
  297. Need Help On New Kit!
  298. Beginners drum lessons / learning
  299. Recording Studio
  300. Marching Snare Question
  301. How long do you practice to a song?
  302. Which setup do you prefer
  303. Miking up drums
  304. Slingerland Zoomatic Snare Drum Advice
  305. Stage height
  306. good people are hard to find!
  307. my g.a.s. is like a sickness
  308. RATM Brad Wilk
  309. playing by ear
  310. The Phoenix
  311. Yamaha Rock Tour
  312. Want to try some new drumheads (Remo in particular)
  313. Selling my monster X7 kit
  314. Rich & Lewis
  315. An amazing cure for GAS
  316. bands on tv
  317. Is anyone else retired here?
  318. Home Studio
  319. Noise Cancelling Headphones?
  320. Cool Drumbeat
  321. Drum Vines
  322. Who is The Greatest Drummer in the World?
  323. Top 10 Drummers in the World
  324. forgetting gear
  325. What do you think?
  326. Dream come true
  327. Who or what…
  328. Advice for Newbie 9 year old drummer
  329. Practicing with drum pad only
  330. Let the fun begin!!
  331. Dynasonic COB how much?
  332. Drums & Hardware for Christmas ?
  333. Just In Case You Were Wondering
  334. Tweaking The Set Up
  335. Drum solo with changing reverbs.
  336. Ordered a new Fiberskyn today. Creating this.
  337. Pearl Jupiter Help
  338. Neil Peart on Dream Theater DVD cover?
  339. Recommendations…
  340. Less is more
  341. looking for play alongs
  342. What Was I Thinking?
  343. Ever quit a band? if so what was method?
  344. Famous Bands Doing Doing unlikely covers!
  345. More is less
  346. not sure where to put this - giving away this drum DVD
  347. Music For One Apartment And Six Drummers
  348. Interested in buying a cajon?
  349. Slipknot
  350. 2 snares
  351. Inspiration
  352. Drums for recording studio
  353. Tried another drummer chat site-mistake!
  354. Say a prayer for Ricky Lawson
  355. Well I did it. EBay
  356. Hey you young folks...
  357. Finished XMas shopping for myself
  358. Branching Out
  359. Holiday Gigs
  360. CHRISTMAS SONG lets have some fun
  361. Hearing
  362. Good News/ Bad News
  363. Ddrum Reflex Series (pics)
  364. As Good As It Gets
  365. Drum companies customer service
  366. and on to drum teacher #3
  367. Hello
  368. Vacation -- with a Drum Theme
  369. This is just crazy ...
  370. Snare with larger reso!!!
  371. Can a little girl outplay you?
  372. Most Insane Thing I'd Like to Hear, but Never Will
  373. Coated Resonant Heads on Toms?
  374. Merry Christmas!!
  375. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
  376. What drum stuff you get for Christmas?
  377. So confused on drum brands.
  378. Coated or Clear heads
  379. merry Christmas
  380. What can i do with a macbook pro
  381. New Snare!!!!!
  382. New drum heads for Christmas
  383. Pics. of my new drum heads
  384. does this happen to anyone else?
  385. Pearl snare drum advice needed
  386. You just never know
  387. 30 years ago today....we lost Dennis Wilson
  388. Grrr... I don't like Stewart Copeland right now.
  389. Interesting subject
  390. Back at it - Pastor Bob would be proud
  391. To All My DC Colleagues
  392. Post 100. Have moved into the next level
  393. Practice drumkits and performance kits ?
  394. Fleetwood Mac last night at MGM Las Vegas!
  395. test
  396. An analytical thesis on the exponential properties of nothing
  397. drum fills
  398. How do you mount your tambourine?
  399. hard rock cafe
  400. Seems we've reached the end of the line...
  401. Bittersweet Gig
  402. Do you care what other drummers think of your playing?
  403. How many drumsticks do you own at a time
  404. My basement
  405. New Remo drum head
  406. How often do you change your drums around?
  407. If you were graded, what would your drum score be?
  408. Kenny Clark and the roots of bebop drumming.
  409. Pro set vs. cheap set for practice
  410. What other instruments do you play
  411. Let's chat about stave
  412. NAMM 2014, Any Drum Chatters Going?
  413. Drumset Rental
  414. Fred Astaire on Drums!
  415. Bonzo Bash
  416. Creating demo CD, best options?
  417. New Pork Pie Snare
  418. I see some of the most (WOW!) beautiful kits here in DRUM CHAT
  419. Justin Bieber Drum Cover HD
  420. do you sit off to the left (or right)
  421. Another one of our drum brothers passes
  422. You like Beat Boxing? Check this guy out!
  423. Drum parts: Balance between creative input and having parts written?
  424. Tempus Fiberglass Snare Drum
  425. Just asked to join Jazz Band...
  426. 50 Greatest Drummers of All Time
  427. Moving and having to pack up the drums...
  428. Economics - Drum Value - Investment
  429. Making another drum video
  430. Surprised the wife.
  431. the common thread clinic tour.
  432. Unable to do talent show this year.
  433. So I'm dumping some old bookmarks...
  434. 3 Facts about yourself
  435. Spray on truck bed liner for drums?
  436. learning to play with a metronome.
  437. Want to see an Awesome Drum Solo ?
  438. Why do you play drums
  439. Do you want to play on the big stage? (major artists)
  440. Dowhat ya gotta do.
  441. How many sing while playing drums?
  442. Does anyone know about this snare drum
  443. Dropped drumstick while playing
  444. Namm 2014
  445. Fooling around on drums
  446. my drums were moved!!!!
  447. Made drum solo video
  448. Drummergasmic
  449. Wanted to go to namm this summer
  450. At what point do you replace your sticks?
  451. wow Just seen Carl Palmer live!
  452. Angle of toms
  453. Bonzo Bash Video
  454. Drum Finish
  455. drum music
  456. Sold My Drums...
  457. Remodeling my drum room
  458. Grammy Awards
  459. Please take a look at my Practice Routine
  460. Drum room in use - Renowns are in charge
  461. any heating /ac guys out there
  462. Last Show on Drums?
  463. Randy Castillo
  464. stick size
  465. The One O'Clock Lab Band
  466. 2013 Guitar Center Drum Off Winner
  467. Not 1st Place, but...
  468. Pop Drum Cover
  469. Bruno Mars Playing Drums - Super Bowl 48 2014 live halftime
  470. My Time as a Sound Roadie
  471. Where is late8 ??????
  472. who's would you choose?
  473. Finally got a song finished
  474. was a heart attack
  475. Your First Song as a Drummer ?
  476. Where should i set my drums up at?
  477. First Gig In Thirty Years!
  478. Ever learned an ENTIRE CD/Tape/Record all the way through?
  479. Im back! Whats new?
  480. Drum room almost complete
  481. Jazztallica
  482. Crue's Farewell Tour
  483. Feeling Stupid
  484. Massimo Russo drum clinic
  485. A Reasonable Offer
  486. True love
  487. Therapy
  488. Look What I Found !
  489. More Madness
  490. Djembe - must have one...
  491. Happy belated birthday to Nigel Olsson
  492. Sonor S Class
  493. Protective Drum Bags
  494. Putting up acoustic panels tomorrow
  495. Kind of cool
  496. Drum Practice
  497. DW practice pad kit
  498. Drum Bum
  499. 200 post
  500. Now this guy is at the Right Gig!!