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  1. Trying to power a storage unit-practice space w/ no pwr

    my band found a good spot to set up shop for practice in a storage unit (theyre cool with it lol) but theres no outlets. i know about inverter generators, they are just expensive, and i really dont...
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    Re: I got a job at Guitar Center haha

    haha ill try not to!

    And operations is basically receiving/shipping/stocking type things.

    Since I've worked there about two weeks, I still really like it. eveyrone is totslly chill, and super...
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    I got a job at Guitar Center haha

    Pretty cool work environment, as you would assume lol. I'm in operations right now, wouldn't mind going to sales though. I would make a killing haha. Anyone else work for GC? How do you like it?
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    Re: Mapex Mars (Not 'Mapex Mars Pro')

    Thanks dude, I've always played coated emperors over clear ambass. But with this kit I was thinking like, clear evans this time. But I'll consider that pin/amb. match :)
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    Re: Mapex Mars (Not 'Mapex Mars Pro')
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    Mapex Mars (Not 'Mapex Mars Pro')

    Just bought one of these late ninety pups for a hundred and fifty bucks. Guy even threw in some cymbals (ZBTs...ehh lol), original kick pedal/hat stand, hardware and a mapex throne. Pretty nice eh?...
  7. I'm thinking of repainting my drums...

    White shells and Candy Red hardware..

    What do you think?
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    Re: Vote for my high school!!!!

    Wait!!!! Its not on the left its on the right!!!!!!!
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    Vote for my high school!!!!

    I' live in metro Detroit and FOX news does a thing where you can vote to have your schools homecoming football game televised. If you could please, click on this link and vote for Churchill Vs....
  10. Re: Personal preference on the Gretsch 6 peice Catalina Birch

    GC is selling it, so I don't think it would be in TOO bad of shape. Plus I've played the same kit before, and I really liked the sound. very "meaty" haha.
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    Re: The Five Word Story

    We were sitting in jail...
  12. Personal preference on the Gretsch 6 peice Catalina Birch

    I'm thinkin' about getting one for like 400 bucks....Help me out :)
  13. 99 bucks for a used DW 5000 Hi Hat Stand at GC....Well WHAT DO YOU THINK????

    I'm thinking' its a pretty good deal seeing that a new one cost's around $200.00

    What I have right now is this old Ludwig Accent, single braced one that's been beat...

    So, Thought, Comments...
  14. Hey, what resonant heads go good with Coated Emerors?

    Okay, Y'all Heres the deal

    I have a Ludwig Accent

    I Use Remo Coated Emperors

    Never had a reason to buy real resonant heads...but now I do :dancing:

    I'm gigging alot these days so I figred...
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    Re: Superbowl, The Who and DW/PDP???

    Zak Starky is the name boys.. and yeah..... THOSE CYMBALS WERE SICK!

    I'm surprised they sounded so good. ( not like the pitch blacks, how they are deadend by the paint).
  16. NuEdg Replaceable bearing edges!! (Cool)

    YouTube- NuEdg Replaceable Bearing Edges + Drum Solo

    I am in no way trying to sell this product!!!

    Does anybody use these?
  17. Looking to get a new me out?

    Okay guys I know you love doing this stuff, so here we go..

    (in no specific order) I know the finish means nothing:punk:

    ddrum Dominion Ash Pocket (orange finish)

    DDrum Dominion Maple...
  18. Questions about the new XS20 Brilliants..

    Sabian hasn't been very clear with how they are distributing these pups. Are they strictly brilliant finish now, or does Sabian now offer two finishes?. Are they even for sale yet?.

    If you have...
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    Re: Michigan Drummers Unite

    Metro Detroit anybody?
  20. Sabian Raw Bell Rides, review video (Feat. AA, AAX, HH, HHX)

    *sorry rsshortstack, but Forum Rules prohibit linking to other forums - PB*
    Which one do you like best? Why?
  21. Ludwig Element Lacquer 4-Piece Emo, WELL, WHAT DO YOU THINK???

    I've heard abou those kits and a all reveiews are pretty good. All except the ones who say they don't like the fact that Ludwig used, "Emo" as the name. Have you heard them? If you can tell me...
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    Join my rap snacks facebook group

    No, I dont work for Rap Snacks, nor am I trying to promote them in any way.

    You, see a hile back some freinds and I, went to a gas station, and picked up these sorry excuse's for a snack. So, as...
  23. Gene vs Lionel vs Chico (1958 Jazz Drumming)

    YouTube- 1958 jazz drumming

    For all you Young Guns out there, take some notes, these are some of the greats.

    Enjoy. (I did)
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    Good jazz brushes?

    I'm in jazz band, and I need brushes. Unfortunately I've never needed them, so I don't have any. DO you guys know of any good allaround jazz brushes?.

    Thanks this much...
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    Re: PS3 or PS4 or EMAD

    Not gonna lie, I thought you were talking about Playstations. LOLZ

    The difference is all sound, feel, and playability.

    WHich ever one you choose, is your choice alone.

    (I have the Remo...
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