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    Re: Your Best Snare Bag ???

    I've started using soft bags inside of non-padded hard cases. I use the soft bags for local gigs and the combination for any situation which involves throwing the drums into a truck. So far it's...
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    Re: Ludwig P85 Snare Strainer Fail

    You might want to check out the IndeLabs throwoffs. The guy who designed them is a former Ludwig guy. His strainers are way better than anything that Ludwig puts out. They have adjustable spacings...
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    Re: DW Collectors Snares vs. Ludwig Supraphonic

    For the hoops just apply some car polish and buff them on a regular basis. The polish has wax in it that will isolate the chrome from any moisture that can cause it to oxidize.

    For the tuning...
  4. Re: Pearl 8" Brass Free Floating Snare Restoration

    There's an old trick where you make a bed out of sand or potting soil, anything that will mold to the shape of the shell.

    Put a garbage bag liner over the potting soil or whatever and gently press...
  5. Re: Pearl 8" Brass Free Floating Snare Restoration

    I know that I'm late to the party but have you ever tried simichrome? I just did an old Sensitone brass snare and it came out great! It wasn't as tarnished as yours was but the clean up was...
  6. Poll: Re: Building a custom Pork Pie Kit! Need opinions...

    A 20" x 16" or 14" bass drum should do the trick. I've never had much luck with the "square" sizes, 20 x 20 etc. I grew up with 14" deep bass drums and they always sound great. I've got a Mapex...
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    Re: Impressed by customer service

    I can add three more names to this list. Pork Pie, Mapex and Aquarian. I just emailed Pork Pie looking for an air vent grommet and who should email me back but Bill Detamore himself! This isn't the...
  8. Thread: DrumClips

    by markdrum

    Re: DrumClips

    Calfskin heads are very durable. They're leather after all. I have a brass snare made back in the 1920s and it has those and gut snares. Brass snares really like calfskin heads. The natural skin...
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    Re: To Rack or not to rack

    For any kit bigger than a 4 piece with 3 cymbals I'd say use stands. Anything bigger, use a rack. I use a Pearl rack and it's much lighter to tote around then stands and it's much easier to get...
  10. Re: 3 pieces of drumming advice you'd give yourself as a beginner

    1.) Practice as often as possible while sight reading without burning yourself out.

    2.) If you're not ambidextrous take more reps with your non-dominant hand. My first teacher made me keep my...
  11. Re: Trying to fix a broken Pearl cymbal ?

    If the stand isn't that old you might want to see if it's still under warranty. I wouldn't think that a splash cymbal would place much torque on a joint that supposed to hold up to cymbals like those...
  12. Re: Trying to fix a broken Pearl cymbal ?

    If the stand isn't that old you might want to see if it's still under warranty. I wouldn't think that a splash cymbal would place much torque on a joint that supposed to hold up to cymbals like those...
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    Re: Wanna Build A Snowman?

    A little off topic here:

    Congrats on making it out of the seizures in one piece. You might want to check for heart problems and diabetes. These can both manifest themselves with seizures. Take...
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    Re: BD beater patch

    This reminds me of when we used thin calfskin or leather patches. They lasted forever and they flexed just enough to not kill the sound. I tried suede but I couldn't get it to sound right.
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    Re: Gibraltar double pedal

    I've played the Intruder double pedals for about 5 years and thet are built like tanks. They do have a fair amount of adjustability but they aren't the most agile pedals out there. For the prcie...
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    Re: Always pack a backup snare drum

    Don't forget the zip ties! They've saved me on several gigs. If you need adjustability bring some of those velcro strips that IT guys use. They're narrow enough to get into most spaces. They're at...
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    Re: I'm an addict.. Acrylic Pork Pie #2

    Imagine that kit with a stealth rack! Must resist, must resist! Where's that credit card?
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    Poll: Re: Whats Your favorite drum head?

    After being a Remo guy for decades i've been won over by Aquarian. The TCP 14 and 13s are great upgrades from ambassadors. The coated dot head is also better then the Remo CS heads. I haven't heard...
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    Re: $100 for a snare. Acrolite or Pork Pie?

    I've got both and although I love the Pork Pie the Acrolite is more versatile. Like someone said get an Acro, put a Aquarian Hi-Energy on the batter and a Hi-Performance reso and you've got a snare...
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    Re: Road Runner 38" Rolling Hardware Bag Review

    If you want to get really fnacy just put the zip ties in some heat shrink tubing and after you get them to the length that you want just use a hair dryer to shrink the tubing. I've had to do this...
  21. Re: Best material for additional soundproofing on inside wall of studio

    Yeah, big mice with deep voices. They act as muscle down by the docks
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    Re: Direct drive bass drum pedals

    A lot of people, including John Bonham. played a Ludwig Speedking which is a direct drive pedal. Mine was great but it had a problem that was common to that design. The linkage between the pedal and...
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    Re: I had some gas recently.

    I'm trying to take my mind off of buying more equipment. A snare that I got off of eBay just arrived and Daddy is sleeping on the couch tonight, again
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    Re: Next Snare to get?

    You've got two top drawer metal snares there. It sounds like it's time for a wood one. Any of the Mapex Black Panthers would be a good choice. Pearl and Tama are also offering some great wood snares....
  25. Re: Pork pie Brass Patina vs. 13x6 Ludwig Supralite

    Can you do a side by side comparison? I've had a Patina for a couple of years and I love that little rascal. Remember, the Supralite is steel while the Patina is brass. For garage rock steel might be...
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