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  1. Re: What are some good overhead condensers that won't break the bank ??

    I think I like the AT2020 idea. Thanks, at least I have some good ideas to research. Winter time is a good time for recording, so I'm just trying to get everything in order.
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    Checking in from Akron, Ohio

    ... the ex rubber capitol of the world.

    Joe Walsh and the James gang used to play around these parts .... way back in the late 60s if I remember right. :) That James Gang drummer was pretty darn...
  3. Life is backwards .... happiness isn't something you seek .....

    ..... it's something that finds you when you are doing the right thing. It doesn't come from serving yourself, in fact unrest results from that.... you are never going to be satisfied, yet you keep...
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    Re: Physical Graffiti

    Probably my favorite Zep album. There are maybe 3 songs on it that I don't care for, but the rest more than make up for it! I can't wait for the remaster with out takes ... it's the next in line!
  5. Thread: Ian Paice

    by Zone47

    Re: Ian Paice

    If I had to pick a favorite drummer, it's probably a shoot out between Keith Moon, Don Brewer, Mitch Mitchell and Ian Paice. Ian's work on Deep Purple MkII is just utterly fantastic. He threw in...
  6. Thread: John Bonham

    by Zone47

    Re: John Bonham

    Hmmm, solid as a rock, but there are a lot of drummers I like better. I kind of feel he's one of those guys because he died in his prime that he is hyped just a bit .... Hendrix much in the same...
  7. Thread: Alex Van Halen

    by Zone47

    Re: Alex Van Halen

    I really dig his style.... it's pretty straight forward and something I can follow pretty easy. He really complimented Eddies too. :)
  8. Thread: Keith Moon

    by Zone47

    Re: Keith Moon

    Probably my favorite drummer.... the guy was a wild man but could somehow hold it together. :icon_eek:

  9. What are some good overhead condensers that won't break the bank ??

    ..... but won't clip and give nasty distortion? I have some battery powered cheap-o (I forget the name at the moment) mics that were like $79 each. Nice aluminum body and a quality feel, but...
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    Re: kick drum compression ? discussion

    Yeah, giving me some ideas! :)
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    Re: Any recommendations on good headphones?

    I have some Sony Studio 6Vs that are great. I have a pair from the 80s that are still working but the ear pads are wearing out. I got mine from B&H camera for about $80 shipped which isn't too...
  12. Re: Roland TD-10 vs TD-12 sound quality... is it worth the upgrade?

    Hmmm , well, I just bought a TD12 brain for $610 ... in pretty much new condition. I'm probably still going to be limited by the PD120 and PD100 pads. At least the 100s are two zone, but don't know...
  13. Roland TD-10 vs TD-12 sound quality... is it worth the upgrade?

    I'm actually happy with the TD-10 sounds but wonder how much better the TD12 is? Are the snares, toms, kick and cymbals that much more realistic and more sensitive than the TD10? Is it worth the...
  14. Thread: td-20 help

    by Zone47

    Re: td-20 help

    Try doing a factory reset. Do you have a manual?
  15. Re: I finally bought a decent electronic kit ... a TD10

    Used. I don't think they've made the TD10 in years.
  16. I finally bought a decent electronic kit ... a TD10

    I hope it's still considered decent since the design is 10 or 15 years old :dontknow:

    Anyway, it completely smokes the TD6 kit I had with those crappy rubber pads.

    The only question I have is,...
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