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  1. Re: DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!

    Kit is still available. I'll probably post it on Ebay again in the next couple of weeks.
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    Re: Black Drummers - Tuning

    It's certainly easier to play fast on a more focused sounding kit, you get more rebound off the head with the less air you're moving. I can play the same licks on my DW kit vs my Yamaha but the...
  3. Re: New here! My Beauford replica and Crutchfield kits

    That RC Beauford kit is pretty sweet, bet it’s fun to play!

  4. Re: DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!

    Kit is back on ebay.

    I'd take $2,000 for a local pick up on it.
  5. Re: It's happening! My Dream Kit arrives in 36 Hours

    Very nice kit, I've never played an Ayotte before, I'd love to take it for a test drive!
  6. Re: DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!

    Yeah, it's definitely a limited market for the high end stuff, I haven't been advertising it much either.

    I'm not aware of DW making other hardware in the black finish, although they probably...
  7. Re: DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!

    Kit is still available, I haven’t been advertising it though.

    I plan on putting it back up on CL and then off to eBay again here in the next couple of weeks.

    I would love to sell it locally so...
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    Re: Double Stroke Roll technique question

    I think it’s easier to play the clean version. Ultimately, you’ll end up doing variations of both in your playing.
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    Re: Neil Peart has passed away

    My brother just showed this to me, huge surprise. They’re saying he actually passed a few days ago.
  10. Re: DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!

    Price drop!

  11. Re: DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!

    I was hoping you might trade your RC kit, Bish, hahaha
  12. Re: DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!

    I might take you up on that offer if you’re serious, we’ll see how this auction pans out.
  13. Re: DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!

    Kit is now on ebay!
  14. Re: DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!

    Well, Id prefer as much cash as possible but Im flexible with trades. I dont need any other full kits, or really any other gear for that matter, but Id consider items that are easier to ship...
  15. Re: DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!

    More Pics
  16. DW Exotic Drum Set 10,12,14,20 Beautiful!


    Build date of 2/11/2011

    Madagascar Ebony Exotic finish with black hardware. Standard maple shells with exotic reinforcing rings. Shell pack with matching tom mount and...
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    Re: Not Happy

    I've seen a lot of A Customs develop cracks like that, that's how they normally seem to fail. They're pretty thin cymbals, after 12 years I would say that's normal wear and tear for a gigging...
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    Re: Double base question and single bass

    For playing doubles on a single bass I’ve always found it easier to play with the head pretty loose and also the spring tension pretty loose on the pedal.
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    Re: Tom stands for 80s Pearl

    Can you take a picture of the tom mount on the drum and the current arm you’re using? I would think you’re best bet would be stick with Pearl. They’ve used that same style pipe setup for years now...
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    Sticky: Re: Yamaha Drums discussion

    I was able to score a 14x14 floor tom for my MCAN kit. The new 14" floor is actually a birch drum but it matches so I'm happy with it. I've finally found a way to incorporate a double bass pedal in...
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    Re: Kit you've had the longest?

    My brother had ‘our’ 1980 Chrome Yamaha 7000 kit before I was even born. I played it for years and it’s now back at his house and both my nephew and niece are playing it.

    Next would be my 7pc...
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    Re: What cymbal polish do you recommend?

    I’m with you, I’ll never clean another cymbal. I did this in my middle school days when I didn’t know any better. Cleaning them changes the tone, makes them brighter. Give me the grime and dirt,...
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    Re: Zildjian K Custom Dark hats

    I have the exact same 14" K Custom Dark hats that came with a Yamaha MCAN kit that I bought. At first I thought that I wasn't going to like them, mostly based on how heavy they felt. But I've...
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    Re: Hi-Hat Cymbals For Jazz

    Zildian New Beats are probably the most common. They really work for just about everything, especially for a novice. Everything else is going to be whatever sounds best to you.

    You’re generally...
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    Re: May have a second set soon...

    I’ve had a very similar vintage 14x6.5” Masters Custom snare in maple for years. It’s always treated me well, served as my main snare for a very long time.
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