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    Re: Ordered a DTXpress IV...

    I already have a (polite) PM into him at the vdrum boards. He already acknowledged that the 15% online coupon was "bugged" and applied to the whole cart and not just items over $1000, so as it is I...
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    Re: Ordered a DTXpress IV...

    I'm actually a little pissed, because RMC's website says that orders placed after 3pm ship the next day. I ordered yesterday and it didn't ship today (unless their notifications are slow), which...
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    Ordered a DTXpress IV...

    ...and a roc-n-soc nitro, and a DW 4002P double pedal, and used a 15% off coupon to get it all for $1400 with free shipping. That seemed like a darn good deal to me.

    Now, the waiting....
  4. Re: Newbie with Yamaha DTExpress IV need training DVD

    Welcome to the forum! I'm hoping to buy a DTXpress IV Special in the next week, if all goes according to plan. It's sitting in my shopping cart, waiting for me to click Submit! :)

    Jojo Mayer's...
  5. Building a drum room in the basement?

    To make a long story short, I'm thinking about building a drum room in a corner of my unfinished basement. (Yes, even though I'm planning on getting an electronic kit to replace my acoustics.)
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    Re: who would it be ?

    Assuming the fantasy also includes being magically able to play well enough, I would say Rush first, maybe the Brian Setzer Orchestra or the Birdland Big Band, or The Police/Sting.

    So many other...
  7. Re: Wow...Has this ever happened to anyone?

    Congratulations on your breakthrough!

    I've just started going through the classic "4-Way Coordination" book. I'm only just finishing up the second page, but I told myself there was no rush and I...
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    Re: The Saga of my Switch to E-Drums

    Great story!

    As I just posted over at DTXperience, I'm waiting on Yamaha to see if there's an upgrade to the DTXpress IV announced. If not (or if it's way out of my price range), wheeling and...
  9. Re: rubber or mesh heads? (you decide: video of side-by-side)

    It will be interesting to see how the new DTX-PAD from Yamaha compares.

    I'm betting the replacement for the DTXpress IV will only have one of those for the snare, but I'm hoping the toms will also...
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    Re: Please help - e-drums newbie

    I hate to sound like a broken record here, but if you're looking at Yamaha you might want to wait a month for whatever big announcement is coming from Winter NAMM. If the DTXPress IV or DTXplorer...
  11. New Yamaha DTXpress announced at Winter NAMM?

    From twitter just a moment ago:

    Looks like there may be something interesting regarding the DTXpress announced at Winter NAMM. Glad I didn't rush into a purchase! Then again, I HATE WAITING! ...
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    So, my wrist hurts.

    As I've mentioned before, I don't get much "alone" time at home where I can play on the set, so I've been limited to starting the classic "4-way Coordination" book on a pad. However, this past...
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    Re: Getting started in elec drums

    Welcome to DC!

    It depends on your budget, really. When you look at the specs, you can see how many "user triggers" can be added, and how many zones each trigger can support.

    I haven't...
  14. Re: Starting over at age 43 1/2 (but who's counting?)

    The lesson went very well, but I have reluctantly accepted that at best I have one hour per week alone at home. Until I have an electronic kit, there is just no way I can get in the practice time...
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    Re: I've gone and done it!!!

    I'm pretty fixated on getting a DTXpress IV Special. Of course, it's going to cost me about triple what you paid for the Roland and I'm also going to have to sell my 30 year old, er, "vintage" Pearl...
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    Re: Yamaha DTXpress problem

    I don't own one, but I plan on getting one. I've seen several threads on boards talking about crosstalk, which is what you seem to be experiencing. I think it has to do with the settings on each...
  17. Re: Starting over at age 43 1/2 (but who's counting?)

    Endless thanks for all of your advice and encouragement! Tomorrow night I'm doing a trial lesson with a local instructor. I am really looking forward to the lesson and what he recommends for a...
  18. Re: Stripped a lug, and made a discovery.

    Ordered a new lug online. $2 for the lug, $6 for shipping. :( Still, worth it in the end.
  19. Re: So frustrated trying to tune my drums.

    Again, thanks for everyone's advice. I'm going to take a deep breath and do the best I can without getting worked up and ruining the fun.
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    Re: Anything on the horizon?

    How often does Yamaha update/upgrade their kits? Or maybe the better question is, how far in advance do they announce new versions?

    I'm ready to get a DTXpress IV Special, just need to save up,...
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    Re: Yamaha DTXpress IV Special V2

    If you search YouTube for DTXpress IV, there are some amazing videos of people playing them (and some mediocre ones, of course). There is a set of videos from a couple years ago with two Japanese...
  22. Re: So frustrated trying to tune my drums.

    Well, after deciding that maybe I was just trying to be too precise matching pitches between lugs, I relaxed a bit and went for "close enough." I ended up with them sounding pretty good and being...
  23. Stripped a lug, and made a discovery.

    So, one of my lugs on my floor tom stripped, and it took me a while to realize that it's different from all the others. I have the faintest, vaguest memory of needing to fix it ~30 years ago.

  24. So frustrated trying to tune my drums.

    I don't know if I'm tone deaf or what, but I am having a hell of a time trying to tune my drums. I've printed off two different sets of directions (the "bible" and another "quick" method, both...
  25. Re: Starting over at age 43 1/2 (but who's counting?)

    Once again, thanks to everyone for your advice and encouragement. I've made contact with a teacher who I'm going to check out. My initial idea is for him to help me avoid any bad habits, set up a...
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