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    Re: Funny Drumline Stories?

    Our college drum line started off the show on the sideline with the horns on all 4 corners of the field. The drums marched out to the center of the field, did a four count turn around and went into a...
  2. Re: Yamaha recording custom or Gretsch Broadcasters

    Thanks guys
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    Re: Open and closed rolls

    Open and closed rolls are both double stroke rolls not to be confused with buzz rolls. When demonstrating a double stroke roll it starts off slow or open, then speeds up closing the roll. All...
  4. Yamaha recording custom or Gretsch Broadcasters

    I'm about to purchase a new kit and I "think" I've narrowed it down to Yamaha recording customs or Gretsch Broadcasters. Anybody out there have experience with either of these kits or preferably both...
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