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    Re: Over Rated Drummers? Who's yours?

    There is no way that I can respond with intelligent answers to the OP. I was blessed to see Buddy Rich once. Generally speaking, jazz drummers impress me more than rock drummers. The only reason I am...
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    Re: Back in the saddle

    I'm glad to hear this.
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    Re: Mic for Cajon

    I FINALLY got to try my mcis last night. It turns out that one of them stuck in the sound hole works well. The rest of the band was happy with the results.
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    Re: Mic for Cajon

    I bought two Digital Reference Instrument mics. One of my friends said that they would work well. I would have tried them tonight, but practice was cancelled. I think I'll take them to the theatre...
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    Re: Where were you.....?

    I was in a staff meeting where we were told that our jobs were going to be eliminated. I heard about the attacks when the meeting ended.

    Eighteen months later, I still had the same job and they...
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    Re: Mic for Cajon

    I never would have thought of using TWO mics. Love your sig, BTW.
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    Mic for Cajon

    I joined a band as a percussionist. My main instrument is a cajon. Are there opinions about what would be a good mic to use with it?

    Thanks in advance,
  8. Re: Beater for Roland KD 7 Electronic Kick Drum Pedal

    In my defense, I didn't think I'd find one of these on Amazon because I didn't think I would know what to call it. Lo and behold, I found it right away and ordered one. Thanks again for your...
  9. Beater for Roland KD 7 Electronic Kick Drum Pedal

    I just got a Roland KD 7 Pedal for my Yamaha DD-65. I need to get one of those bent beaters for it. Do any of you know where I can find one?

    Thanx in advance.
  10. Re: Is it Safe to Safe to Set Up My Drumset in the Garage?

    Thanks to all of you. And no, SpazApproved, you do not sound like a jerk.
  11. Is it Safe to Safe to Set Up My Drumset in the Garage?

    I have a nine year-old Sound Percussion Drumset that I have not played in about four years or so. I was thinking of setting it up in my garage. I live a mile or so west of Detroit, MI, so the the...
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    Re: Retiring Today!!!

    Congratulations! From one retiree to another, this is gonna be way better than you think it will. Thrust me. Monday might be a little weird, but by Tuesday, at the latest, you'll be used to it.
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    Re: You Must Be Kidding

    I refuse to take the RRHOF seriously until there is a Captain Beefheart wing!!!
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    Re: Show Us Your Guitars!!!!!

    People might think I'm out of what there is of my mind, but I think a blonde Telecaster with a black pickguard is one the most beautiful things mankind has ever produced.

    No, I don't have one.
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    Re: Proper way to clean drums NOT

    Whatever happened to taking them to the firehouse, having them hook up the hose.......
  16. Re: Trying something different - floor tom placement

    1. Shades of Ringo (lefty who plays righty).

    2. I knew Obama, G. H. W. Bush, and Clinton are left handed. I did not know that G. W. Bush is. I found it somewhat odd that Clinton golfs and swings...
  17. Thread: Yogi Berra

    by Jack Keck

    Re: Yogi Berra

    Actually, there may be some truth to that. It has been alleged that Joe Garagiola made up some "Yogi-isms", but Yogi's answer to that was something to the effect of "Look at all the money I'm making...
  18. Re: Choice between Mark Drums, Kat kt3, or Alesis dm10x

    It means I'm subscribing to the thread. I'm interested in what is posted, but have nothing intelligent to add other than the definition of "sub'd". Sometimes, if I am in my usually lazy mood, I...
  19. Re: Choice between Mark Drums, Kat kt3, or Alesis dm10x

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    Re: Kids and Unattended Drums...

    My son has never done anything to any of my instruments. Then again, he was 23 years old or so when I started trying to play. The best I can do here is when I built the subwoofer for my home...
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    Re: I don't need/want help taking down.

    I have helped a friend carry his drums to and from his car, but even after I started learning to play, I never would have thought to help him set up or tear down his drums. I always assumed that...
  22. Re: This has got be be the worst snare review ever.

    The reviewer mentions a "good benefit". Is there such a thing as a "bad benefit"?
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    Re: 10 Best Drummers of All Time

    There are so many great drummers. The only thing I can guarantee about any list of the top ten drummers is that I won't be on it.
  24. Re: When you can't play drums, play percussion.

    I "co-host" an open mic. For my own "set", I sing and accompany myself on bass. I slop up "Boris the Spider" all the time, but everyone wants to hear it. Go figure. I also bring a cajon to...
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    Re: Most Overrated drummers

    I don't know if I'd call any drummer or other musician "overrated". Back when the Beatles were together, I heard lots and lots of people bash Ringo. Fast forward to the 2000s when I discovered...
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