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  1. remember straight life by freddie hubbard ? here it is done ilu and mangue beat


    well here is my newly recorded version of straight life by freddie hubbard.

    while i try to retain some of jack dejonettes wild kit play and rolls...
  2. my samba drumming with guitarist Rogeiro Piva ( i still have the fire)


    im really proud of this date i just did , of a samba with Rogerio Piva , a really great samba jazz player in Brazil.

    this track represents decades of...
  3. Blue in Green : brush ballad with Ketu Bata beat underneath


    here is a perfect example of how i put Ketu Bata Candomble beat underneath a brush ballad , Blue in Breen
    with multi instrumentalist Artur Carneiro...
  4. Re: Ketu Candomble origins in backbeat culture on drum set


    check out how these great musicians , koko bermejo on piano ( he is actualy a drummer) and tony cimorosi on accoustic bass , react to these ketu...
  5. Ketu Candomble origins in backbeat culture on drum set


    i brought in the "Ketu codes in jazz" thead demonstrating amazing parallels in ketu beats and jazz rhythm innovation evolution history.

    now, check...
  6. the secrets to swing groove in the history of jazz are here :


    if anyone needs to know my credibility playing jazz , please check this out :


    and my thirty years...
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