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    hey guys, i think i need to start this thread off by telling you that my style of drumming is my motivation for this thread. i love orchestration, i am into many extreme bands and love it but i am not a drummer that enjoys performing public drum solos, guitar solos in bands.

    i am a very 'band' orientated guy in that i like the impact of a well-gelled outfit. its funny but i always say that one of my most influential drummers is travis barker, i believe he made blink182 famous and he did it without polyrhythms, odd time signatures, drum solos. what i believe he was brilliant for was making the average sound great.

    pretty much every blink song off there later albums was in common time, he did songs in 4/4 in a punk band with an amazing understanding of not giving too little and not giving too much, i love that style, appropriation of complexity and seeing how 4 straight forward bars can be done very interestingly. i want drumming to reach out to people who don't understand a thing about drumming (i'm sure that is what pretty much most of all drummers want) It is very difficult to recall complex riffs when you need to catch a 16th note on a bell, give a rest, a rim shot etc. because of this, i need some awesome software for writing down notation on the computer, maybe even being able to listen to how it sounds on the comp after writing it, not tabs though - a proper software downloadable programme for writing traditional drum notation down for me to remember my riffing. i'm not a drummer clued up on equipment, software, i just play drums and try to learn, but i know you guys know about this stuff, pls send your recommendations thanks a lot guys chow progmuso

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    I responded to something similar to this in another thread. Here it is. Maybe this might help a little.

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