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Thread: Need Many Reviews on Aquarian Drum Heads

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    Default Need Many Reviews on Aquarian Drum Heads

    Alright, so I may just make the switch to Aquarian. But, I need a rundown of their top heads, coated and clear, for the toms and the snare. I am set with my EQ3 on the kick. So, post your reviews of each series here for me please!


    PS: Or, if you think so, I am looking into EC2 clear or coated heads too. I use a TAMA STARCLASSIC BIRCH in 13" and 18" toms with a 14" Ludwig Acrolite snare (soon to be a Tama Starclassic Bubinga 6.5x14 snare? We will see!)
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    Default Re: Need Many Reviews on Aquarian Drum Heads

    I have Performance 2's (clear) on my GMS kit for that old school '70s thud. No muffling required.

    I have Response 2's (coated) on my Gretsch kit and they are basically the Emperor / G2 for Aquarian.

    I love their heads, especially Superkicks... great products!
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    Default Re: Need Many Reviews on Aquarian Drum Heads

    I am a heavy hitter and I went with the Response ll batters on my toms (Pearl)
    a Focus X on my hand hammered steel snare and a Force ll kick reso....

    I have always liked Aquarian..I just never went any farther than the Studio X.. until now. I will say that I am really digging the nice attack and power these heads provide! They are sorta like an Evans G2 or Remo Emporer but I find that they don't have to be seated and they are a breeze to tune!

    The alloy rings are more precise and have a higher quality feel to them.
    I think Aquarian may just be my new head of choice!


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    Default Re: Need Many Reviews on Aquarian Drum Heads

    I just got my snare tuned and picked up a pack of Performance II tom heads. They get too dead with e-rings, but one gel on the 12 and 13, and two on the 16 is the sound I have been looking for. If I was playin out, no gel.
    so that's my review of Aquarian Performance II

    My heads
    bass Prosonic
    snare powerstroke 4
    toms Performance II

    would maybe have been persuaded to get powerstroke 4 for the toms but they were out.
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    Default Re: Need Many Reviews on Aquarian Drum Heads

    Here is a bunch, with one silly comment about an absurd disaster.
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